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How To Winterize a Washing Machine

It’s important to prepare in various ways when winter comes around. One of the things that people tend to forget when preparing for winter is to winterize their washing machine. What does this mean? Well, it means that you’re going to prepare your washing machine for the winter so it doesn’t block due to various factors, mostly frozen tubes that will make it extremely difficult to do your laundry unless they have been defrosted. Here are a couple of tips you could follow in order to winterize your washing machine and make it ready for the cold days.

Using Antifreeze

Just like when it comes to treating cars with care, you have to treat your washing machine with the exact same care when it comes to winterization, especially if the washing machine in question isn’t used regularly, allowing it to get frosted very quickly when the cold days come. Using antifreeze will help tremendously when we’re talking about winterizing a washing machine. It will help you just as it helps when a car is having a similar problem. The amount of antifreeze you should use depends on the tubes and the type of the machine you have. There are many guides online you could follow when it comes to using antifreeze in these types of situations, so be sure to check them out.

Turning Off the Water Supply and Drain the Washing Machine

Now this is a step you have to follow only if your washing machine isn’t used regularly. Let’s say, for an example, the washing machine in question is located in your second house that you use for weekend getaways and such; If there is any water left in the machine’s tubes, chances are they are going to get frozen over the winter if the water supply isn’t turned off and the water hasn’t been drained. That is why it’s crucial you do these two things. They are relatively easy to do, and they will save you from a lot of troubles in the future. Remember, it’s better to prevent a problem, than to cure it.

Getting a Modern Washing Machine

When it comes to modern washing machines, it’s always recommended to invest in one. The reason being, their parts are manufactured in ways to prevent any freezing from happening. This essentially means that they have everything they need in themselves for winterization. For an example, Samsung washing machine parts are designed in a way that it’s incredibly hard for them to get frozen over time, even if the washing machine isn’t used that often. Of course, this means you would have to invest more money, but it can be definitely worth it if you don’t want to get in hassles with your tubes getting frozen every year. You could always sell your current machine so you could shell out less money for the new one.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Cleaning and maintaining your washing machine - another important tip you should follow in order to prevent freezing from happening. You should scrub your machine wherever you can, as if it’s clean when the winter comes, the freezing will be more difficult to happen. There are many different techniques you could use when cleaning your machine, and every one of them is good as long as it’s properly scrubbed at the end of the day. If, for some reason you’re unable to clean your machine by yourself, hiring a professional should be your way of doing it then. They will do it in the manner you possibly couldn’t, ensuring that your machine is cleaned to an absolute maximum.

In summary, winterizing your washing machine is an important thing to do, as it will save you the trouble of not having to call professionals to defrost your machine. That will cost you more than preventing the problem, which is something none of us want. Winterization of washing machine is a topic not a lot of people talk about, and yet a lot of them encounter the problem for the exact same reason. Regularly checking up will ensure that you don’t face the issue and by doing that you’re saving yourself a lot of money and effort.

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