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How to Use Lifting Column to
Comfortably Automate Your Home

Are you thinking about some automation projects for your home? We have some nice ideas for you. We are sure you have heard about automation projects with linear actuators, thus, we aren’t going to discuss them. Instead, we would like to draw your attention to lifting columns.

These items aren’t used as widely for home automation as linear actuators are. However, they can help you to implement a lot of nice ideas.

Kitchen Can Benefit Greatly from Using a Lifting Column

Lifting columns can be applied successfully in your kitchen. You can install such a device in one of your kitchen cabinets, fix a platform on it, make an opening in the kitchen cabinet, and use the installation for a useful kitchen device. For example, a food processor, a kettle, a coffee machine can be perfectly stored on such a platform.

Make sure you choose a platform with the needed features. Find out more info about the platform and then, make your choice.

You can lower the item and hide it in the cabinet or lift it on the cabinet surface when you need it. The opening in the cabinet top can be closed with a cap.

What about a Lifting Table?

This idea suits perfectly for your patio or another place. If space is limited to fix a table but you would like to use the item from time to time for, say, a family dinner, a lifting column can help you.

  • Make an opening in the floor. The table with the device shall fit there.
  • In the opening, install a lifting column.
  • On the column, fix a tabletop of the needed size.

That’s it, your lifting table can be used right away. With a single push of a button, you can remove it, and the surface is available for other activities.

In this case, pay special attention to the lifting power of the device. If the system crashes, the consequences can be very unpleasant. Thus, make sure you are purchasing for this project a column that can handle the tabletop with all that it might be carrying in movement. You might use a special formula to calculate the needed lifting power. If you aren’t sure whether it is correct or simply don’t want to risk, ask a representative of the column manufacturer to assist you with the choice.

Final Thoughts

Do you have any more ideas that you can make true with a lifting column? There might be so many of them. For example, you can completely rearrange your patio. You can project it to turn it into an outdoor living room for a visit of your family by installing lift furniture. Then, when the visit is over, with a push of a button, you turn the patio into its initial condition.

You can refurbish your garage by adding there additional storage surfaces. Well, the idea with lift furniture will work, too.

The number of ideas is unlimited. You can apply the principle for both indoors and outdoors.

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