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How to Use Folding Doors in Your House

Folding Doors

Folding doors, otherwise known as bi-fold doors, are becoming the new favorites of Architects and Designers, and why not. Suiting different styles, granting uninterrupted views, and rendering ample fresh air, not many door-types can stand against this artistry. The design, the customization, the color, the size, the material—you do not have to compromise on anything when considering folding doors for your house.

Here are some ideas on how to use folding doors in your house:

Folding Doors for Exteriors:

Folding doors is a suitable alternative to having a wall with confined doors; not only do they offer beautiful aesthetics but also you will benefit from the amount of light and space it increases. Moreover, the perks of installing bi-folding doors do not limit to the Summer months only; they are also suitable for chillier seasons. Due to technological advancement in material and construction, today, bi-fold doors are highly thermal-efficient—confining heat from escaping and cold from penetrating. So be it the five months of intense winter in Melbourne or four months of harsh summer in Perth, you can count on folding doors to sustain in any weather.

Here are some ideas to consider before you decide on the exterior doors:

1. Folding Doors in the Kitchen

Folding doors to the Kitchen exterior will blend the outdoor and indoor areas creating a sustained portion for garden gatherings and barbeques.

You will also benefit from the added natural brightness and spacious passage when needed. Moreover, folding doors also enhance the look of the Kitchen and extend spectacular views of the outside.

2. Folding Patio Doors

If your living room opens out to the backyard, folding doors should be the most natural choice for you. Bringing the outside in, with endless fresh air, folding doors expand your living room size when needed. Folding doors have wide entrances, allowing your family to come in and go out conveniently. Additionally, bifold doors also present you with uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

3. Bifold Door as Entrance

When it comes to the main door, home-owners always want to install the best out there; after all, they define the house's beauty. While there are several types of front doors, from the traditional double entry door to contemporary steel-reinforced doors, the elegance and sophistication of a bifold door are unmatchable. Whether the outer space is limited to only a 2-panel bi-folding door or open to 7-panel bi-folding doors, the customization, flexibility, luxury, and lightning provided aren't attainable by any other type of door.

4. Folding Windows for Exterior Walls

Bifold windows, operating on tracks, are well-suited if you need a panoramic view, love the sun, and fascinate the fresh breeze. Thermally efficient and fitting for any season, they integrate well in both contemporary and conventional homes. However, its installation will only be possible if your home has extra space for laying the panels.

Folding Doors for Interiors:

Bi-folding doors are highly customizable and can suit any style, need, or size. Creating enormous expanse and offering spacious entrances, folding doors, without compromising the appearance, are a great integration to the home-interiors. Let's see how you can install bi-fold doors into your home:

1. Room Dividers

As mentioned, the notion of instantly expanding the space for family entertainment and dividing the rooms for personal privacy is only feasible via bi-fold doors. Folding doors also comply with flexible furniture arrangements depending on the occasion. But the prominent edge of using folding doors as Room dividers is that they provide a focal point. And will also lighten and brighten your room as per the preferred glaze.

2. Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold Closet Doors can suit any positioning, design, and configuration. Bifold doors integrate well with small spaces allowing you to make the most of the limited space, but it will also give a distinct look in the larger areas. Also, you can customize the closet doors to fold into a temporary dressing room when the closet is open. Besides, the wide range of materials available—glass, mirror, wood, ensures good coordination with your personalized space.

3. Bifold Doors for Home Office

Work from home has now become the convention.If you're thinking of integrating an office within your house without curbing the space, you should consider bi-fold instead of committing a whole room. The modern customization techniques allow designers to incorporate the bifold doors of any custom shape and size—be it round, L-shaped, or square-sized durable glass doors without costing your pocket too much. The benefit, obviously, is that not only do you get yourself a private room to work in but also open it to extend the size of the room.

4. Interior Bifold Windows

Again, just like on the exterior walls, foldable Windows can blend with any design and create a cohesive space between two rooms when necessitated.


Irrespective of popular belief, bifold door windows are quiet and block almost all the noise. Be it on the exterior structure or interior space, folding doors provide you with the choice of how to use them. That is to say, utilize drapes when you watch your favorite movie in the absolute darkness, remove them when you want to gaze outside when it's raining.

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