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How to Renovate the External Door

Renovate the External Door

It is an area of the house that we walk through every day, often without paying attention: yet, like the rest of the house, your front door also sometimes needs a facelift! 

Renovate its current front door

You don't want to change your front door, which is already in place? If it is just a little faded, this is by no means a problem. Start by cleaning it with a sponge and a little soapy water, then remove it from its hinges.

For a wooden door, you will have to remove the metal parts, then treat them with a product specially designed for this type of material. Then you will have to sand the panels of the door and apply a varnish to them if necessary. Find out more from a manufacturer specializing in entry doors about commonly used products. It is sometimes necessary to apply a special product layer for the exterior, which will differ from the product applied for the interior leaf.

Change front door

You can also choose to simply change your old door, which lets in too much air, or which is simply no longer to your liking. There are two methods available to you to install this famous door with aluminum cladding that catches your eye:

Keep the old frame and install the new opening system on top.

This method has the advantage of being fast and of not damaging the walls. On the other hand, we lose slightly in passage width.

Remove the old frame and put on a new one

This is how it is done when the building is new, and the walls are still bare. Therefore, you will keep the current opening width but will have to embark on some small finishing work: filling the holes in the old frame, repainting the frame around the door.

Why change your front door?

Even if aluminum or PVC doors have a fairly long lifespan, they need to be replaced from time to time. Bad weather, weather, or a break-in can degrade your joinery.

If you notice poor sound insulation, an increase in your heating bill, and signs of wear and tear, it's time to move on to your renovation. The front door is the element that separates your interior from the exterior, so it must be secure, insulating, and to your tastes. Of course, it is the first thing you see of your house when you visit your home. So better try to make a good first impression with a pretty door. But the reasons are not only aesthetic: there is an energetic consideration to take into account. The phenomenon of heat loss occurs mainly through the roof and openings, that is to say, windows and doors.

A renovated or new door will be much better insulated and will allow you to save energy!

Depending on the type of door, its condition, and the material used, the actions to be carried out or the parts to be replaced will not be the same. The professionals accompany and advise you throughout the project. They are the ones who take the measurements and define the most suitable installation for your home.

All exterior doors can be painted. Whether in wood, PVC, or steel. Ours is made of steel. The interior is composed of a polyurethane foam centre and steel sheets on the exterior. It is probably the most common basic model because it is easy to maintain and inexpensive.

Do you want to renovate your aluminum front door? 

If your door's current frame is in good condition, installation for renovation is ideal, with no major finishing work and quick installation. On the other hand, if the frame is damaged, It recommends removing it completely, the installation time is quite long, but a new frame will replace the old one.

The art and windows door range

For your PVC front door change project, you a varied and personalized range to create the door that suits you. Decorative glazing, integrated inserts, glass use our door configuration to visualize and create a tailor-made entrance door.

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