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How To Style Your Modern Lounge Chair

Modern Lounge Chair

Finding ways to bring your own personal expression to a room is one of the most exciting parts of creating your home decor. Interior design is a space to let loose and be who you really are. While it can seem intimidating to make decisions regarding your own home decor choices, the truth is this is something that should be fun and expressive. Letting go of the pressure we put on ourselves when it comes to making these decisions is a big part of understanding how to get that perfect look, feel, and energy we need.

When it comes to decisions that really bring unique expression to a room, accent pieces like a modern lounge chair are a great place to start. If you have been wondering how to style your modern lounge chair to perfectly complete your decor, then here is everything you need to know.

How To Think of a Modern Lounge Chair

The first thing to do is get the basics out on the table. As exciting as growing your personal spaces are through furnishing, it also represents an investment. Not only will these quality pieces come at a premium, but they will have an impact on your home. Understanding what an accent chair is, how to use it properly, and what makes a lounge chair unique will help you know how to style it.

Some of the most important questions when it comes to understanding how to perfectly set up your living room, bedroom, or den is knowing what you need. Each room in your home is a unique chance to create something special and each room will have a different amount of potential. An accent chair is a chance to bring color into an area that might be struggling to be too monochromatic, or it may be the perfect piece that bridges two sides of a room. The thing to realize with accent chairs is that they serve a specific purpose to enhance.

Unlike a sofa, dining table, or other center stage type furniture, accent chairs go alongside. They are instantly visible, but their visibility should be matched by their practical use. You should never walk into a room and be immediately drawn to an accent chair; however, at the same time a uniquely chosen, well-placed accent chair can alleviate an entire room.

There are different kinds of accent chairs to choose from and each has unique characteristics to offer. The wingback chair design has a high back that is designed and is a prominent accent chair that can’t help but have a commanding presence. This piece is great in front of fireplaces or placed in front of windows that give your favorite view of the rising morning sun.

Another common accent chair is the armchair. This is probably the most common chair you’ll see pulling rooms together, with a moderate backrest, and two armrests that make it perfect for casual conversation or reading in the afternoon.

The Modern Lounge Chair

The modern lounge chair specifically, is one like the wingback in that it is a larger accent chair. Because of its larger carbon footprint, it can be more noticeable in a room, however, there are ways to make it subtle. The lounge chair itself is a larger piece of furniture that will allow for a more recumbent sitting posture. Paired with a footrest this can become the perfect place to sit deep into your chair and relax.

The most important thing about a lounge chair is comfort. This is the spot you want to crawl into with your favorite throw blanket at the end of a long day when you’re enjoying a glass of red wine. As an accent piece, a lounge chair can do a couple of things.

First, it can complement a sofa wonderfully. In fact, one of the best ways to help style your modern lounge chair is to make sure that it does compliment the larger piece of furniture in the room. If you have a sofa, add a lounge chair to the side and see how it feels. This adds more seating and fits seamlessly with most living rooms.

Another way to use a modern lounge chair is to create a space around it. While accent chairs are typically thought of as additives, the right rug, side table, and lighting can turn your lounge chair into a lounge area. The perfect place to kick off your shoes, grab your favorite book or reading device, and enjoy a peaceful evening.


Picking the right lounge chair is an exciting choice to make. The modern design focuses on monochromatic tones, clean, complimenting lines, and natural patterns found both in wood grain and smooth stone surfaces. A modern lounge chair can be sleek, minimalistic, and yet provide the perfect amount of accent to make a room feel complete and inviting.

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