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How to Renovate a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment means you have a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office, all in one place, even in a single room. That’s totally a mess! A studio apartment can be way functional if you organize it in a proper way. Now, what you can do to make a studio apartment functional and organized. 

Here is the complete guide on how to renovate a studio apartment, which is a difficult task. Well, you can organize the stuff, minimize the furniture, and add sliding glass shower doors to save space. These were just a sneak peek, let’s move towards the business. 

What actually is a studio apartment?

Renovate Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is quite smaller than a usual apartment, or you can say it’s a one-bed apartment. You have to do lots of adjustments to divide one-bed space into your kitchen, living room, activity room, and of course bedroom. The only benefit is, it’s a convenient option in real-estate price hikes and way cheaper than apartments, and homes.

The smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t make it functional, yes you can do it with some easy simple steps or tips. It’s really a great challenge to make a studio apartment spacious and comfortable rather than to clutter up space. It isn’t trouble at all, only you have to find a way to live smarter. 

How to renovate studio apartments?

Now, that’s the main task, so let’s move towards it. Here are the tips you can adopt while moving ahead towards renovating your studio apartment, such as apartments for rent in newport news va. These tips are going to make your apartments functional and spacious. 

Paint it out

Renovate Studio Apartment

First of all, let your studio apartments be brighter and spacious by painting them thoroughly with one color. If you are more conscious about the brightness, then try a neutral color or white. The whole apartment with white paint will increase the inner lighting and let the apartment reflect more space.

Storage bed or loft your bed

Renovate Studio Apartment

Here, you have two options to make your bed functional. You can either buy a bed with more storage or simply loft your bed. Both are effective to increase space in smaller apartments. Lofting the bed is quite unique and leaves much space behind. If you’re not comfortable with it then buy a storage bed, or create storage under your bed. Due to this technique, you will be able to store or hide more stuff.

Mirrors on the wall

Renovate Studio Apartment

For smaller spaces, mirrors are always recommended. The reason is that you can reflect more space and light with mirrors. You have to install mirrors on right spots, like alongside the window, where it can reflect more natural light or simply hang a mirror to reflect the stairway. You can double up space with mirrors, so use this trick. 

Create positive vibes

Renovate Studio Apartment

Remember, whatever décor you’re going to introduce, it must create positive vibes. Whenever you enter your apartment, you should feel like entering in a cozy place, not a congested cubicle. You have to be careful while organizing the space; don’t clutter up space so you do not become claustrophobic.

Make your walls a storage

Renovate Studio Apartment

Did you know? You can create storage out of your walls, too. You can do it by hanging baskets or wall hanging clips to store stuff there. You can hang foldable chairs, caps, towels, clothes, etc. Make sure not to make it awkward by hanging too much bulky stuff on your walls. 

Smart furniture

Renovate Studio Apartment

For smaller spaces, always buy smart furniture. You can opt for the tables that are multi-purpose or even the chairs. Sometimes, you have the option of buying a bed that completely hides under the table. Don’t you think that's just perfect for studio apartments?

Split up space

Renovate Studio Apartment

Divide the space with the help of glass dividers. Avoid using curtains or wooden partitions as it can block the view. Glass dividers will split up space also letting the light pass through. That’s quite modern. With the help of glass material, you can literally create an illusion of spaciousness. 

Count every inch

Renovate Studio Apartment

Do not ignore any little space in your apartment; make a way to use it in a practical way. Count every inch of the space, just like the window nooks. If you have a radiator by your window then make seating there and add some cushions to make it a relaxing area. 

Add more brightness

Renovate Studio Apartment

Add a bunch of fancy lights to your studio apartment and make it way brighter than before. Smaller apartments feel like cluttered and confined places, you can break this custom by adding more lights. Add ceiling lights, bulbs, or floor lamps to enhance the brightness. 

Add more houseplants 

Renovate Studio Apartment

If you make your space way brighter with natural light, then grow herbs or houseplants in your apartment. They won’t only make the air fresh but also help to get your hands easily on home-grown herbs. 

Sliding glass shower doors

Renovate Studio Apartment

As far as the bathroom is concerned, install a sliding glass shower door to separate the shower from the entire bathroom. Also, the glass shower door will make the bathroom way brighter and spacious. Sliding glass shower doors are quite modern and functional. They will keep the water inside while having baths, so you can literally maintain the cleanliness of your bathrooms. 

In the ending!

You can renovate your studio apartments and make them functional with the help of these tips. Try using these and let your small apartment shine like a luxe!

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