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How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets - Professional Advice

Remove Kitchen Cabinets

When you are planning to relocate your household items, there are some items you need to pack and move with care. Some of these things are your decorations. Whether it is a local or long-distance move, you need to make sure they are packed properly. 

Even though it is a task you can handle on your own, hiring NYC commercial movers ( is not a bad idea. This is because they are professionals with skills and experience in packing all kinds of items, including decorations. 

Nevertheless, it is also a great idea to know how to pack your decorations when moving. Whether it is an old painting, a simple framed picture, or any other decoration, you need to ensure it is well packed when relocating.

Packing your decorations the right way will ensure there are no losses or breakages. Moreover, you will be happy to see them in the new home. To help you pack and move your decorations properly, below are a few tips on how to pack the decorations. 

Packing your decorations when moving

1. Purchase the right packing materials

When planning to move, make sure you get the right packing materials for your belongings, including decorations. With the right packing materials, the decorations will be in one piece when you arrive in the new home. 

One major mistake most people make when moving is getting wrong packing materials. Since decorations are part of your valuable items, you need to ensure the packing materials and supplies you get are the right ones.

Happily, there are various stores where you can get packing materials for your decorations. You can also check online for the materials. But when you engage professionals, they know the best packing materials to use. 

Some of the materials to consider include:

  • Original packing boxes – The original box is the best packing box to pack your artwork and other decorations. This is the best that the decoration was purchased with. It will provide great protection to your decorations. 
  • Cardboard boxes – the other option to consider is purchasing cardboard boxes. However, make sure you know the size and shape of the cardboard boxes you need. Fortunately, boxes are strong enough to offer the needed protection. 
  • Plastic bins – you can also use plastic bins to pack your decorations. They are strong and ideal for packing fragile items such as decorations. Thus, your items will be well moved without getting damaged. 
  • Packing papers – You need to purchase special packing papers for fragile items such as decorations. With the papers, you wrap the decorations properly and ensure no breakages. 
  • Tape, marker, and bubble wrap – other important materials you need include quality packing tapes, bubble wrap, and a maker. Bubble wrap is a good material to use when packing fragile items and you need a quality tape that will ensure every item is well wrapped. Then get a market to label the boxes “delicate items.”

2. Sort out

After getting the right packing materials, the next step is to sort out your items. If you have numerous decorations, you need to determine what to get rid of and keep. This is because you may have old and broken decorations that you do not need in the new home. Hence, this is a great opportunity to sort out all your decorations. 

If you find some beautifications that are in good condition but you do not want to keep them, you can sell or donate to friends and family members. However, for those in bad condition, throw them away but make sure you dispose of properly.

3. Pack in the right boxes

Now you need to pack the decorations in the right boxes. For small and medium ones, you can pack them together. But for the large ones, you need to pack them separately. So, you need to ensure you have various sizes. 

When packing, do not over-pack over leave the boxes empty. Make sure every box is full, and there is no space to make the item move inside the box. 

4. Mind the face of the decoration

You need to ensure it is well protected for decorations that have a face. There are various packing materials you can use to protect the face. Bu no material you use, ensure you wrap with several layers to ensure no damages. 

5. Use bubble wrap and packing paper

Make sure you use bubble wrap to protect the fragile decorations. Bubble wrap is one of the best packing materials you can use to protect fragile items such as decorations. It is well designed and can be used on small and large items. 

Remove Kitchen Cabinets

To ensure your decorations are safe, avoid using newspapers. Although the newspaper is the perfect packing material, it is not the best for fragile items. Hence, go for the bubble wrap. 

After wrapping your decorations with bubble wrap, use tape to wrap them around. It will ensure the item does not move around when moving. 

6. Seal the box

After inserting the decoration in the box, seal it properly. Make sure you use high-quality tape to seal the openings. Proper sealing will ensure you do not lose or damage your decoration. If the boxes are not properly sealed, the items can fall off when being loaded or unloaded.

7. Label the boxes

For every box that contains decorations, label it so that everyone can see it contain fragile items. Moreover, it will not be mishandled when loading and unloading. 

Also, labeling of the boxes makes it easier when unpacking. It will make unpacking easier if anyone can tell the decorations for a particular room.


Packing and moving things, especially fragile items such as decorations, is not a simple task. You need to be well prepared with the right materials and know the steps you need to take to pack them properly. 

Engaging a professional moving company is the best option to ensure all your household belongings are well packed and moved. By hiring movers such as NYC movers, you will ensure that your decorations are well packed when being relocated.

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