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How to Open a Combination Safe Lock

Have you bought a combination safe? Do not know how to open a combination safe? No problem. We are here for you.

Key seems an extra burden to many people. And some also get frightened of losing keys that are associated with locks keeping valuable things. But when the lock is a combination, then it becomes more carefree.

However, for the beginners, it may seem hard to open a combination lock. In this article, we will discuss the whole procedure. And you will get to know every single step.

How to Open a Combination Safe Lock

Opening a combination safe is not rocket science. It is very simple, and it is fun.

First of all, do you need any equipment to do so? Basically, you do not. But if you want to change the combination of the lock, you will need the key. Or if there is rust or dust inside the lock preventing it from opening, you may need some equipment. But that is another issue.

Let's start opening your safe.

Step 1: Find Out the Opening Index

To unlock the safe, you have to match the combination in the dial. Generally, the dial has 10 numbers, from 0 to 99. And it looks like a flat round disc which can rotate on the top of the front door.

Usually, the dial is situated beside the handle or in the middle of the front door. Find out the dial or index of your one.

Step 2: Clear the Dial

If any prior wrong attempts have made to open it, the lock may stay jammed. Or if anyone rotates the dial once in any direction, the same thing may happen. In these cases, if you start to dial the safe, it will not open. Even if you input the correct combination, it will not match.

Turn the dial fully at least four times to the left. It will clear the prior attempts. There is no problem if you turn it more than four times. Bu of course to the left.

Step 3: Know the Combination

Now, before starting to enter the combination that you know the correct code. Reassure it by asking someone who knows the code too. Or check out the code from your hidden note where you wrote down the combination because a wrong combination code will make this process lengthy. And you may think that there are some issues with your lock when there is no problem at all. The combination has 4 numbers.

Step 4: Insert the Very First Number

Now you know the password and your safe's dial is cleared. Now rotate the dial to the left and stop on the first number of your code. So the first number is under the pointer of the dial. Look, you were rotating the dial to the left previously to clear prior attempts. And to enter the first number, you have to turn the dial in the same direction.

Step 5: Input the Second Number

In this step, you have to turn the dial in the opposite direction to the previous one. So this time you have to rotate the disc to the right. Turn the dial to the right and pass the second number. Keep turning it to the right. Now pass the second number for the 2nd time. Keep turning to the left and this time, stop on the second number.

Step 6: Give the Third Number

Again you have to rotate the dial in the opposite direction to the previous step. Now turn the dial to the left again and pass the third number once. Keep turning the disc and stop exactly on the third number on the second turn.

Step 7: Keep Turning to the Left

You are one step behind from opening the lock. Now turn the dial again towards the right and stop on the fourth number of your combination. You will hear a click sound that ensures you have opened the lock.

Even it is not needed to know the fourth number of the combination! Just keep turning the dial to the left slowly until you hear the click sound. If the prior three numbers are given correctly, the combination lock will open automatically.


For some combination safes, you may have to start the process by turning the disc towards the right to clear. Consequently, you have to do later steps as described but in the opposite direction.


In short, the procedure is-

  1. Find the dial and turn it four times to the left and stop on the first number.
  2. Then turn the dial twice passing the second number towards the right and stop on it on the third turn.
  3. Now turn the disc once passing the third number to the left and stop on it on the second turn.
  4. Finally, keep the disc turning to the right until you hear the opening sound.

And now you know how to open a combination safe! If you need help, then you can take help from a locksmith like Slotenmaker Brugge.

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