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How Much to Hire a Security Guard?

Security Guard

Security guards are also called security officers and security inspectors. While private companies and security service providers mostly employ them, governments also hire them to safeguard public property, among other reasons. A security guard protects the establishment or premises and those working or living there. They are also responsible for the safekeeping of money, equipment, and other assets. Security guards may also patrol the premises to prevent hazards, including accidents (such as a fire), damage to property, vandalism, and criminal behaviour or activities. They can enforce certain preventive measures to ensure safety. Various technologies and equipment (including CCTVs or Close-Circuit Television Cameras, alarm monitoring systems, and others) may be used by the security guard services nowadays to provide world-class and efficient security.

Hiring a Security Guard Service

Security guards protect various premises today, including residential or commercial complexes, healthcare institutions, financial institutions, cultural institutions, industry/business establishments, and retail establishments, among others. Security guards are well trained to respond to situations that may fluster or frighten average and ordinary people. If you need someone or something protected, hire a security guard.

The Costs

There is a cost to security guard services. In most instances, a security guard company will charge for the service based on an hourly rate for each on-site security guard deployed. For example, a security guard hired to protect a condominium may cost up to a few thousand dollars in some countries. However, the actual cost may depend on various aspects, including the location of the premises, the assets being protected, and whether you need armed guards. The cost of a security guard service may depend on the factors below.

Number of Guards Deployed on the Site

You may need more than one security guard on location following the circumstances. For instance, a large premise with 80 units may need many guards for effective patrols. Such buildings have a lot more traffic. However, you may need a single guard to guard a villa or home. Crime rate and asset value may also affect the number of guards required at a premise.

Time or Number of Hours

Security guard companies and service providers charge for the service of each of the security guards based on the number of hours they serve their duty. Some people and clients may only require the service for working or business hours, while others may employ the security guard full time.

The Hourly Wage/Rate of a Security Guard

Many factors may affect a security guard's hourly wages and service. For instance, the less-experienced operators may charge less compared to more experienced and resourceful companies. Also, a security guard who is armed and has served for some time in the armed forces or police may offer service at a higher wage when compared to other guards who do not have combat training or are armed. Some security guard services providers may only hire those who have served in the army or police for a certain minimum period.


The hourly wages of a security guard service may also depend on the licensure. Licensed companies may often charge more when compared to other contractors and independent agents.


In some countries, unarmed and inexperienced security guards have an hourly rate varying between $15 to a maximum of $20. However, the same for the armed and the more experienced security guards might be $35 or even $50 per hour.


Security guard services usually cost more in large and metropolitan cities when compared to other towns and locations. For instance, a security guard service can cost approximately $15000 for a month in one region. The cost may be higher or lower in other areas depending on the location.

A uniformed security guard with a baton is enough to prevent and control vandalism and illegal activities and crimes. The armed and experienced security guards may have an even greater impact. You can reach out to or call any leading security guard companies to know more about the costs, nature, and span of services. You can also compare the prices of a few service providers to choose the most affordable security guard service. However, ensure that you do not compromise the quality and effectiveness of the service. After all, you want to get your money's worth out of paying for security guard services.

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