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A Simple Guide On How To Improve Your Home Aesthetics

7 simple tricks for making your home look more stylish on a budget 

Anyone who has bought a new home will testify that improving your home's aesthetics is an expensive and time-consuming task. We've done it many times ourselves, and we've learned a few tricks along the way. For more in-depth insights and creative ideas on transforming your home without breaking the bank, read more on My Interior Palace.

Today we are going to share more money saving tips with you. Here are 7 tips that will improve the aesthetics of your home, without breaking the bank. 

#1 - Repaint your front door 

First impressions are key. It is hard not to feel like your house looks bad if your front door is an ugly color and the paint is peeling. 

Before repainting your front door, give the walls around it a good clean and clear away any ugly or dead plants. Pairing a potted outdoor plant with your new front door will add even more glamor to your entryway. 

Repainting your front door is a relatively quick job that will have you feeling much better about your home - why not try Navy or Duck Egg blue? 

#2 - Reupholster your furniture 

You may not need to replace your furniture to fit your new design style. If you are happy with the shape of your pieces, why not reupholster them instead. 

Upholstering costs a fraction of the price of a new sofa and can be done multiple times if you need to change again in the future. 

#3 - Hang statement accessories on your wall 

If you want to add some designer pieces to your home, but don't have a very big budget we have the solution for you. Statement wall hangings like famous prints or a designer clock can add the prestige you're looking for, at a smaller price tag. 

You can pair these statement pieces with bold wall paintings that draw the eye towards them. Why not try a Rolex wall clock as your statement piece? 

#4 - Keep decorations simple 

Minimalism has been in style for over a decade now and it doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon. 

As we mentioned in the last section, keeping your accessories to a minimum by picking one statement piece can be much more impactful than cluttering up your home. 

If you have few decorative pieces then you can afford to spend a little bit more on each one, and get yourself some really nice pieces. 

The trick to styling them is to give them a lot of space. These statement pieces can hold their own and don't need to be overshadowed by other pieces of clutter. 

#5 - Repaint your bathroom tiles 

Upgrading your bathroom is one of the most expensive jobs when renovating your home. While we don't have any solutions for replacing your bathtub or upgrading your shower head. We do have a tip that will help you save money on tiles. 

Instead of replacing the tiles in your bathroom with shiny new ones, why don't you purchase yourself some tile paint? This paint is designed to give tiles a fresh new look, without needing to be torn off the walls. 

Tile paints come in many different shades and finishes. It is not great for floor tiles, however, it works wonders on wall tiles. This type of paint can also be used on kitchen splashbacks. 

#6 - Mirror mirror on the wall 

Mirrors are an interior designer's best friend. Not only can they be made into one of those statement pieces that we mentioned earlier. But they can also add more light to a room (without having to add new windows) and they can create illusions that will make your rooms look bigger. 

In small, dark rooms you will want to hang mirrors on the wall, preferably opposite the windows. This will allow the light coming through the window to bounce around the room and will make the room look longer. 

#7 - Repaint your kitchen cabinets 

Our final tip is one that is going to save you the big bucks. Repainting your kitchen cabinets may sound like a small idea, but it will have a big impact - on both your wallet and the aesthetics of your home. 

The average American spends $2300 on kitchen cabinets when they are remodeling their kitchen. In comparison, repainting your kitchen cabinets will give you the same end result for under $200. 

To make your kitchen bigger you should paint your cabinets a light color. Pale blues and greens are very on-trend at the moment, but white never goes out of style.

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