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How to Host a Kid's Costume Party

Costume parties were many during the renaissance era and mostly represented high-life entertainment. However, advancements in technology have made it possible to host a costume party at any time. Some skilled designers know how to create kid's costumes that fit any occasion. If you're not very creative, you also don't need to worry because you can buy different types of mermaid costumes from Blossom Costumes.

Throwing a costume party is a great opportunity that enables kids to dress in clothes worn by their favoritepersonalities. But it may be challenging to plan because it's not just any regular party. Organizing this party requires creativity, time, and a great deal of planning.

Here are some tips that'll help you throw a successful costume party:

  1. Choose A Theme

Having a theme is vital because it'll help you work around some ideas. The theme should be based on your kid's interests. It should also help you to select the décor and colors of the party. Most importantly, it'll help your guests select costumes. Some themed ideas you can select include those of celebrities, popular characters and super heroes, and clothes worn in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

The theme shouldn't only interest your kids but should also be appealing to the guests you intend to invite. It should also be flexible to allow creative parents to create costumes for their children.

If you select a good theme, you'll find out that it'll also influence the party's activities. You can even spice up the party by setting up a stage and letting the invited kids walk on a runway as other guests judge their costumes. But before they start walking, have them note down a description of themselves and their costume. This will help you to know who is in which costume.

  1. Plan The Size Of The Party

It's not bad to plan to throw a huge party as long as you have enough space. However, you need to have a list of things to be done and a timeline to accomplish them before the day of the party. Huge parties need to be planned six months in advance, while small parties can be organized within four months or less.

The first thing you should think about when planning is a guest list. Have your kid write down their friends' names that they would like to invite to the party. Once you have the names, send the invitations early enough to enable parents to prepare their kids. Sending invitations early enough will also enable you to know the exact number of guests planning to attend the party.

Once you know the number of guests, have a budget. Ensure that you include food, venue, decorations, and entertainment costs in your financial plan. Host a party that you can afford to finance. If you need more money, you can ask some of your friends for donations. Alternatively, you can enlist some family members and friends to help you out with cooking, decoration, and other tasks. That way, you'll cut your budget significantly.

  1. Let The Party Not Take Too Long

Kids' attention span is short. Therefore, you should not make the party too long because it may bore them. Two to two and a half hours is ideal. You can set aside the first forty-five minutes or an hour for playing games, swimming, or spending some free time with their friends. While doing that, you need to be careful not to allow them to open gifts or start eating because it may work against you.


Hosting a kid's costume party isn't easy. It requires you to be organized, creative, and patient. These tips can help you host a great party.

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