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How Good is an Organic Mattress

The day and age we are all in we are very much conscious about the environment we are all in. All of us want to contribute for the betterment of the environment. We want to use products that are naturally made and harvested and have a minimum or no impact on the environment. Beginning from cars to our foods we want everything that we use or wear to be carbon negative (i.e they have a negative impact on the environment). Same is also the case with mattress shoppers, they also want to buy products that are labeled as green and are known for being more eco-friendly.

Organic Mattress

In-order for a product to be green they first have to be certified that they indicate low human health risk such as OEKO-TEX standard 100 and CERTIPUR US. Other certification as Global organic textile structure and green guard indicate that the product that we are using has a low environmental impact.

Organic mattress is a long term investment into your health and well-being. By selecting a mattressthat uses organic materials such as natural wool, cotton, and latex you can be confident enough that it is a perfect mattress for you, your family and your environment. After affirming the type of mattress you would be buying you must also choose the size of mattress you would be buying in .Like a california king mattress are 72 inches wide and 84 inches longand are the largest known mattress that is available in the market. It is ideal for whole families if they want to sleep together.

Here are a few reasons to convince you as to why you should buy a organic mattress:-

1. Organic mattresses are free of chemicals:-

Harsh chemicals are not used in growing, processing and manufacturingof organic latex mattresses. Organic wool is made from sheep who live and graze on green pastures and are free of pesticides that are not dipped in harsh chemicals thus making them safer. Organic latex is further grown in plantations that are USDA regulated .Organic latex mattresses are not coated in carcinogenic flame retardant instead manufacturers use organic wool that are natural flame retardant to meet fire regulations.Additionally organic materials are made from natural fabrics instead of synthetic fabrics and plastics that are not only irritating but also are harmful to you and your family. After choosing mattresses that are chemical free you also would like to choose the right mattress size such as a queen mattress. Queen size mattresses have alength of 80 inches and a width of 60 inches. Queen size mattress is ideal for single sleepers, or sleepers with pets who want to stretch. It is also good enough for couples and comfortable for different sleeping styles.

Organic Mattress

2. Organic mattresses are Hypo-Allergenic:- 

It is often found that allergies and problems with respiratory tract are often aggravated by pesticides and chemicals that are traditionally used to make the non-organic mattress/traditional mattress. Organic mattress on the other hand are chemical and pesticide-free, bleach free and are hypoallergenic .Since the organic mattress are processed naturally they also resists mildew, mold, dust and bacteria making it an excellent choice for people who are in need of hypoallergenic mattress. The three components of organic mattress Organic cotton, Organic wool and organic latex are all combined to create the latex mattress that alleviates respiratory ailments and leads to a toxin free exposure at night that can lead to runny nose, coughing and sneezing.

3. Organic Mattresses are Super Temperature Regulators:- 

Traditional mattresses are known for their poor temperature regulation. Temperature regulators as memory foam become extremely hot at night owing to their chemical origin while on the other hand organic latex, cotton and wool mattresses are known to clear moisture during summers giving a cool sensation.Its natural wool would act as a natural insulator that helps you keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore People who use organic mattresses are comfortable to sleep in them at any time of the year.

4. Durable:-

Organic mattresses are known to have a longer life expectancy than regular synthetic mattresses as they are made from natural ingredients that are not easily breakable. They are made of organic natural textile that are durable, flexible and long lasting. One example of natural ingredients is natural wool that can be stretched to 60 % when wet and 25% when dry and would bounce back to its original position on release. Wool`s natural elasticity makes it more durable and resistant to tearing.

5. Organic mattresses are Sustainable and biodegradable:-

Everything that we use has a big impact on the environment and our carbon footprint. Because everything that we use is not reusable they end up at our landfills. Since organic mattresses are naturally made they are easily degradable and endup with nature when their degradation ends, while on the other synthetic mattress made out of chemicals are very difficult to degrade and end up polluting the environment in their degradation process.

Organic mattresses are made of natural products as wool can be shown from sheeps annually and cotton can be extracted from plants making them sustainable. while on the other hand latex used in latex mattresses are harvested from latex trees thus making them more sustainable.

6. Flame Resistant:-

Organic mattress since they source their raw materials naturally they do-not require harmful flame retardants. Organic mattresses use wool which consists of a protein called keratin which along with the moisture collected in the fibres makes it very difficult for wool to ignite.


Finally while concluding it can be assessed that organic mattresses are not only safe for the environment but also gives you comfort and safety at the same time. Their origin in nature makes them hypoallergenic, mould, dust and bacteria resistant, making them a very safe place for you to sleep, while they are also sustainable because of their natural origin. Being natural they arealso very easy to degrade and do not cause any significant damage to nature when they degrade because they go back to nature after their degradation. Thus it is safe to say that organic mattress are not only safe for your health but alsobeneficial for thesustainable environment

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