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How to Find a Housekeeper or Maid

To simplify everyday worries, free up time for business tasks, leisure, communication with loved ones, you can hire a housekeeper. The performer maintains cleanliness in the house, performs small household tasks, cooks food if necessary, takes care of pets, and pays attention to children. The result of cooperation depends on the correct selection of personnel. Expert advice will make this task easier. Cleaning service offers maid service Spokane with a guarantee of quality and safety.


Criterias of choice

When hiring a housekeeper, consider:

  • Availability of qualifications. When looking for domestic staff, study the working skills of performers. Perhaps the applicant has taken cleaning courses and can confirm this with certificates. It is not uncommon for companies or agencies to offer performers who are trained and trained in their own staff. A good housekeeper with qualifications knows which cleaning products are suitable for different surfaces and finishing materials, and they know how to clean quickly.
  • Availability of necessary documents. When looking for a nanny or housekeeper, look for staff with medical records. The employee must be healthy. In addition, when choosing a housekeeper, her willingness to provide her passport data is important - for security. If you need a governess, applicants with a confirmed pedagogical education will do.
  • Experience. The longer the performer works in the field of cleaning and housework, the better. The resume welcomes work experience in large agencies and companies, and with the presence of letters of recommendation.
  • Reviews from previous clients. A positive experience of cooperation with the performer is a plus in the treasury of his qualities. Reviews are sought on independent portals and websites. The organization's social networks will help you find a housekeeper through an agency/company. There people often write genuine responses.
  • Warranty. The resume of a housekeeper should indicate the conditions under which she works. A responsible specialist is ready to cooperate under an agreement, a contract.

If you need a housekeeper or a housewife, consider the general recommendations that will help you find the contractor. We advise you to choose middle-aged women (from 30 to 55 years old), without bad habits.

Applicant's resume

How to hire a housekeeper based on a resume?

  • Check the resume for copies on the Internet to understand whether it belongs to a particular specialist.
  • When looking for a housekeeper, look at the clarity of the information provided. It is desirable that the cost of the service be indicated (for example, for 1 hour of work), it is written whether there are services that require additional payment.
  • A good resume indicates not only previous jobs, but also what the specialist was responsible for, the presence of useful additional skills.
  • The resume must include a photo of the artist. They can also be checked for copies on the network.

Where to look for a housekeeper

Job search sites, job boards

You can post a vacancy for a housekeeper or study private job seekers by calling the candidates you like. Before starting the search, determine the requirements for the maid / assistant / governess, the necessary list of jobs in order to quickly filter out inappropriate offers.

Pros of the method:

  • a huge selection of offers, constant updating of vacancies;
  • lower cost of a housekeeper for 1 hour due to the absence of intermediaries;
  • high level of competition, stimulating job seekers to improve service.

Disadvantages of searching on websites and bulletin boards:

  • lack of serious guarantees: there is a risk of encountering scammers (even with documents), performers who do poor quality work;
  • loss of time: it takes more than one day to find a good housekeeper;
  • certain working nuances: often the customer has to provide the contractor with cleaning products, inventory.

On job sites, you can often find beginners and amateurs who are used to cleaning their apartments and the homes of acquaintances and friends. It is difficult to accustom such performers to their requirements.

Cleaning companies and agencies

Specialized companies, domestic staff recruitment agencies analyze information about applicants and take into account the requirements of the client, so you can count on an acceptable result. There are two options:

  • Aggregator sites with verified resumes of housekeepers. Such resources differ from portals with vacancies in a closer study of information about specialists, but do not provide a 100% guarantee of effective cooperation. The advantage is time savings and up-to-date information about employees. The downside is that this is, in fact, the same bulletin board, only thematic. The cost of services may be higher, since performers pay a fee to post information about themselves.
  • Service (company, agency) with its own staff of performers. The option is more expensive, but with a guarantee of liability and quality work of the au pair. Companies care about reputation. They have service standards, guarantees for customers. The cost of a housekeeper service usually includes cleaning products, consumables, inventory, so the customer does not need to spend extra money on all this. The downside is the higher cost of the service due to the presence of an intermediary. With regular orders for cleaning an apartment, companies may have discounts.

Recommendations from friends

When choosing a housekeeper, the responses of friends, acquaintances, and colleagues can help. The advantage of this method is the minimal risk of contacting a scammer. Minus - a small selection of options. Your criteria for the quality of service may not coincide with the requirements of recommenders.

Questions to ask your future housekeeper

When looking for an assistant, you need to conduct a mini-interview with the candidates you like. Ask questions, record information, observe the applicant's reaction.

  1. Where did you work before? What can you tell about the employer? The responsible executor will describe the list of duties, the requirements of the previous client, the scope and specifics of the activity (cleaning houses, apartments, offices). Should alert negative feedback about the previous place of work, gossip about the customer.
  2. How much? Clear answers will help you understand what determines the price of housekeeper services. A price can be named for 1 hour of labor, a month, the cost is indicated taking into account the area of \u200b\u200bthe premises, specific work.
  3. What detergents do you use? A professional will name the brands of cleaning compounds, say what types of chemistry he uses for different surfaces, describe the experience of operating equipment (vacuum cleaner, steam generator, scrubbing machines). The contractor must understand the trends in cleaning, and not be limited to everyday knowledge.
  4. How do you feel about comments? A professional seeks to provide the client with the desired result and take into account his requirements, an amateur argues or proves that he is better versed in cleaning. In a personal meeting, you can ask the candidate to iron 1 item and then point out the flaw to check the reaction.
  5. Are there health problems? The work of a housekeeper is associated with constant contact with chemicals, physical activity. A performer with an allergy to cleaning compounds, pets, recent surgeries, diseases of the musculoskeletal system will not be able to 100% perform the assigned tasks.

What should alert

Clients want to choose a housekeeper to feel at ease in everyday life, to have more rest, to feel safe. Therefore, immediately refuse the services of a candidate if:

  • the person changed jobs too often: perhaps the problem is in the character of the performer;
  • in a conversation, the applicant complains about personal problems, lack of money, politics, etc.;
  • the housekeeper does not ask questions about your habits, the wishes of family members;
  • a woman or a man sets low prices for services - there may be a scammer in front of you.

Conclusion of the contract: what to discuss

We explained how to find a good housekeeper, now we will talk about signing a contract or agreement. This agreement, which specifies the rights and obligations of the parties, regulates the actions of a professional in unforeseen situations. To cooperate with the performer comfortably, the document must include:

  • Accurate list of works. Usually women clean the apartment, do laundry, ironing, someone cooks food, looks after the children.
  • Terms of cooperation. There are visiting performers and live-in maids.
  • Payment procedure for work. The work of assistants can be paid hourly, monthly, in fact one cleaning.
  • Payment type. In cash, to a bank card, current account (in cooperation with an agency, company, self-employed worker).
  • Warranty. A professional home assistant is ready to fix the flaws identified by the customer free of charge.
  • Financial responsibility. The agreement or contract states that in case of damage to property, the contractor compensates for the losses (financially or by performing repairs).
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