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How to Deal With Mold and Its Effects


Mold is something that is mostly found in houses located in areas with high humidity and moisture. Mold could be extremely harmful to your property and your health, especially to kids. This is why you should be extra cautious and call for help as soon as you spot mold in your house. Mold cases are commonly reported in Dallas as it is a state with high humidity, so mold testing is necessary.

However, you don't need to worry as O2 Mold testing provides their services of mold inspection in Dallas, TX quite efficiently. Most of their customers have expressed satisfaction with the results of their services, so you should go for them in the first place. Nonetheless, in this article, we will be answering all concerns regarding the services provided by O2 Mold Testing. Let us have a look.

Air Sampling

One of the most serious consequences of mold growth is its effect on indoor air quality. Mold that is actively growing releases its spores into the air you breathe. It is unnecessary to see mould on the walls or ceiling to have a serious problem. Mold may wreak havoc on interior air quality, as evidenced by air monitoring. Mold is sampled in any region of your home where it is visible or very likely to be growing in concealed locations nearby. A control sample is also taken, usually from slightly outside, to provide a baseline level for how much mould is expected to be found in the nearby region.

Surface Sampling

It's sometimes difficult to tell whether a brown spot on the wall is mold or not. They gather samples directly from a surface where mold growth is suspected via surface sampling. Mold testing determines whether or not there is mold present and gives written documentation of the findings. Surface samples are gathered from an area where mold growth is suspected or known. This type of testing is frequently performed in conjunction with air sampling, although it can also be performed independently.

Visual Inspection

Mold can grow in locations where it isn't apparent, and your first sign might be a musty odour in the air or a persistent cold and congestion. A visual mold inspection is more than a fast look; specialists are trained and certified to discover hidden mold and devise a comprehensive treatment strategy that includes everything from correcting the source of the moisture to disinfection.

Detection of Moisture and Leakage

If mold is growing indoors, it's a sign that there's water somewhere it shouldn't be. Experts employ moisture and leak detection tools to locate wet places in your home, whether they are caused by a small amount of additional moisture or humidity or a real leak in a pipe or foundation. Moisture and leak detection, which employs modern technology and infrared imaging, is crucial in determining where air and surface samples should be collected for laboratory examination. It also serves as an additional source of crucial information during a mold inspection, indicating the source of the water and the necessary repairs to be done during mold cleanup.

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