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How to Choose the Right Garden Furniture Cover

Garden Furniture Covers

When you invest in garden furniture, you want it to last. To ensure that your garden furniture looks great no matter the weather, it’s essential to have a good quality cover. But how do you choose the right one?

Here we'll provide 13 tips on selecting the best garden furniture covers for your outdoor area...

1. Measure:

Before buying any new covers, measure all of your garden furniture carefully and make sure to note down the measurements before shopping around. This will save time by ruling out covers that won’t fit properly, and also help you spot deals and discounts on certain sizes or brands more easily.

2. Quality:

Not all furniture covers are created equal, so be aware of what materials you’re buying. Quality is important, so look for materials that are waterproof, breathable and UV resistant. Avoid covers made from plastic or vinyl as these won’t last long in the elements.

3. Customisation:

If you have large pieces of furniture or items with unusual shapes, you may want to consider investing in customized garden furniture covers. This will ensure a snug fit and help protect your items from the elements more effectively.

4. Price:

It can be tempting to purchase cheaper alternatives when it comes to garden furniture covers UK, but this could end up costing you more in the long run as they won’t offer as much protection against the weather or wear and tear over time. Look for covers that are made from quality materials and have good reviews before making a purchase.

5. Necessary features:

When selecting the perfect garden furniture cover, consider any necessary features you may need. If your furniture is in an exposed area, look for covers that include drawstrings or ties to keep them secure during strong winds or storms. UV protection will also be important if you live in an area with a lot of sun exposure.

6. Style:

Garden furniture covers come in a variety of styles and colours, so think about how they will fit into the overall look of your outdoor space. Neutral tones are always classic and timeless while bright prints can add some personality to your area if that’s what you’re after.

7. Easy storage:

Garden furniture covers can often be quite bulky and take up a lot of space, so look for covers that have an easy storage solution such as straps or handles that make it simple to fold them away when not in use.

8. Cleaning:

It’s important to keep your garden furniture covers clean and free of mould, mildew and dirt build-up. Consider the cleaning methods recommended by the manufacturer before buying, as some may require special care or specific products to ensure they remain in top condition for years to come.

9. Warranty & Guarantee:

Look for covers with a warranty or guarantee offered by the manufacturer. This will provide peace of mind that your purchase is protected, should any damage occur unexpectedly or if a fault develops over time.

10. Brands:

Do some research and read reviews from other customers to determine which brands are most reliable and offer the highest quality covers for your needs. Read up on product specifications such as materials used, customer ratings, size options and more before making your decision.

11. Ventilation:

Make sure to purchase covers that have built-in ventilation systems in order to keep air flowing through and preventing heat buildup while the furniture is covered up. This will also help reduce mildew growth and keep humidity levels low during rainy periods.

12. Wind resistance:

If you live in an area prone to strong winds, look for covers that come with additional straps or ties to help keep them in place. This will reduce the risk of them blowing away and causing damage to your furniture or other items nearby.

13. Security:

For added security, consider investing in covers that feature locking mechanisms or clips to prevent theft or tampering. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your garden furniture is safe and secure while covered up.


Choosing the right garden furniture covers is an important part of ensuring your outdoor space looks great and stays protected. Look for covers made with durable materials, necessary features like wind resistance or security locks, and make sure to check reviews before buying. With the right cover you can enjoy your outdoor area for many years to come!

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