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Housing Market Prediction In Mooloolaba for 2021

Housing Market

According to the studies, house or property prices in Australia keep going up and up day by day. Because of that, Aussies are starting to keep themselves out of the market. But we think it cannot go the same forever after they again begin to come back and go into the property market. So the topic of debate is how much the market will go up by the end of the year. The housing market prediction in Mooloolaba for 2021 is really on fire as some organizations predict the rise of the property at the start of 2022. This is also clear by seeing the flood of people at property experts like G1 Property. Commonwealth Bank Analysis indicates that the property prices will rise by 20%, and Fitch Global predicts that it will increase to 16% in 2022. As we know, because of covid-19, everything has changed. So there is also a change in property prices due to covid-19.

 Lockdowns stop the Aussies from leaving their homes and purchasing new ones. We agree that because of some harshest restrictions by the country's head, the pricing rates went down but even then, because of clearance rates, sales crossed around 1,70,000 in three months to July, which is 53% higher than from the last five years in Australia. In Melbourne, up to 5000 auctions are held with a 69.2% clearance rate, a higher result from 2017. 

Predictions Of Why The Pricing Of The House Rises In Australia:

  1. A Saving Windfall: During the covid-19 lockdown, the Aussies are stuck inside their homes and not spending much money, so that's why their savings increase and also the Government support initiatives are also increased in 2020, which increase their savings in the bank. In June 2020, the household savings of the people in Australia peaked at 22%, which was 7% higher than the decade average. With a combination of savings and incentives of Aussies, they start buying homes which prompts a rise in the sales of homes in Australia in 2021, and some predictions will also show this effect in 2022.
  2. Incentives For First Home Buyers: Before the covid pandemic, the government of Australia introduced multiple first home buyer incentives. Along with the home loan deposit scheme, the state gives various concessions, grants, incentives for purchasing and constructing the new property; the Aussies can buy homes more easily without thinking about the budget because they have savings and grants. There is a prediction that because of incentives, concessions, grants given by the state during the pandemic, the house rates and sales of houses will increase in 2022. 
  3. Low Mortgage Rates: With an increase in buyers' demand to buy new homes, the mortgage rates are falling day by day. According to RBA data, the average home loan rates fell 0.12 percent in the first six months of 2021. It seems like the buyer demand increases, and the mortgage rates will fall more in 2022. 
  4. Increase In Buyer's Demand: During pandemics, the state gives people many benefits like giving money and grants concessions. Because of that, the saving of Aussies arises, and during the lockdown, they don't go for any vaccinations. They do not spend much money, which is why their savings increase. With the increase in savings, the buyer's demand increases because the house prices rise to control the demand. As we all know, with demand for particular things increasing, the prices will also increase to control that demand; the same thing happens there. 


There is a prediction that with the increase in the people's savings during covid-19 the demand for the house increases and that why with the demand increases the house prices also increase in 2022. There are also some more predictions because we think that the housing market price will increase in 2022, which are mentioned above.

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