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House Cleaning and Organising Tip
for Large Families

House Cleaning

By Maggie Holmes

When it comes to Australians, they are pretty known for having large families. But having a large family is a huge responsibility on its own and when you incorporate things like doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and helping kids with their homework etc. But that doesn't mean that you can't remain on track with all the responsibilities, you just need to know how to take everything. Every family is different and different things and routines will work for them but there are ways you can figure out how to stay on top of things. Here are a few house cleaning and organising tips for large families that will help everyone.

Work on Your Time Management

In order to have time for everything when it comes to larger families, you need to have a perfect chore system in place. Even coming up with that large of a schedule is hard, making it will ensure that every single task on that list gets done when it needs to. By creating a schedule, you will be able to see everything and then make room for things that need to be cleaned as well as socialising or family nights. It will relieve you of the burden of having to constantly think about what's next, this way everyone can see what needs to be done and who is doing what.

Prep Work Is A Must

Doing prep work will do wonders for large families. For example, it is much easier to have colour coordinated bins where every child will put clothes that colour and then you just put them in the wash, rather than separating clothes yourself and then washing them. By making sure things are ready to be done, you will be saving a lot of time so make sure that everyone has their chore ready to go.

Family Participation

When you have a large family, it is really important for you to ensure that everyone is equally included in the process of cleaning the house. Even if you have young children make sure that you include them in the whole process, because they need to learn about responsibilities at an early age. They don't necessarily have to clean like everybody else, but they should contribute as much as they can. Every family member should be assigned something that they can handle, that way you don't have to go back and clean it yourself.

Setting Your Deep Clean Days

Even though you should try to keep your house clean every day, every once in a while, it needs to get a good deep clean. In order for it to work and for you to be able to deep clean the whole house, you will need to put it on a schedule. You need to take the whole day and dedicate it to decluttering, re-shelving and deep cleaning everything. If you need some help along the way you can simply hire someone to make things a bit easier for you.

Rotating Chores

In order for your kids not to get bored and frustrated about who gets what chore, make sure that you keep rotating it. This one of the easiest and efficient ways of letting your kids have fun while cleaning, make it so everyone gets the chance to be the boss. But as we have mentioned before, make sure that every child is rotated to a chord that can do properly. You can either rotate chores on a weekly basis or even a monthly basis depending on what works for your family best.

Use Bins for Each Person

One of the best ways to keep your house clean and organised is to assign every family member a bin where they can store things that they use often. It can serve as a creative one-stop-shop for everything that needs to be seen like assignments, mails or toys that are often used. But most importantly they can be easily labelled and stacked neatly so everything looks neat and organised.

If you put these tips that we have given you to the test, you will definitely be able to see changes in how organised and clean your home is. You will not only get to have a nice clean house you will actually get to create a routine and bond with your family in the process.

Author Bio

Maggie Holmes is a passionate blog writer who is extremely keen on writing about fashion, lifestyle, pets and technology. Her exclusive hobby is to surf the net to find amazing articles that can inspire her with some fresh ideas for article writing. She loathes being a common person who wastes her time. Follow her on Twitter.

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