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7 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be nerve-wracking, especially when the guest list includes people you desperately want to impress, like your boss, an old school friend, or your new partner’s family. Fortunately, there are some simple steps to ensure you nail the event no matter who is in attendance – here they are.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

You’ve probably already planned this part, but it’s important enough to list anyway. Clean the house top to bottom long before the guests around, including the bedrooms – you never know who might want a tour! Focus on decluttering first, and then start dusting, spritzing, and scrubbing the place until even the least-used glasses shine.

2. Choose a Centerpiece

To bring the dining area together, place a centerpiece in the middle of the table. It’s an easy way to spruce up the room without going overboard, and you can always add in a few candles and a bouquet if you want to decorate even further. If you are on a budget, use for some Lowes coupons – you’ll find plenty of home décor inspiration there!

3. Experiment with Food Beforehand

The night of the dinner party is not the time to experiment, but you might also want to treat your guests to something a little more interesting than your usual bologna. Spend some time a few weeks before the date getting creative in the kitchen, and you can always keep your cooking disasters to yourself.

4. Dress to Impress

You shouldn’t just focus on an attractive home – take some time picking out an outfit that will really impress your guests. If you’re going for a formal look, make sure your guests know it so that nobody feels underdressed!

5. Make a Playlist

Music is a crucial part of any event, so don’t rely on last-minute recommendations to improve the atmosphere. Whether you’re going to take out some old records or create a Spotify playlist, make sure the songs match the evening's atmosphere and always have backup music in case of a change of mood.

6. Create a Guest List

The guest list can make or break an event. Remember, it is your dinner party, and you can invite whoever you like! Choose people that you genuinely enjoy being around, and you will naturally enjoy yourself. If you're having guests over that you've never met before, it's worth using a people finder tool to get a slight understanding of the individual before meeting them.

7. Choose Post-Dinner Entertainment

This one is important. Dinner might take up an hour or two, depending on the guest’s hunger and whether or not there’s dessert, but what will you do after that? Come up with a couple of ideas for post-dinner entertainment to ensure you and your guests enjoy the evening past the food.

Just remember not to rely too heavily on your planned activity, as you might find that your guests have another idea in mind that is far better, so once dinner is over, let yourself relax.

To nail a dinner party, you must prepare the home, plan the evening, and then let the evening flow in whichever direction it desires. Sometimes, the best nights are those that don’t go according to plan!

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