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Keep Your Home Healthy:
Fool Proof Sanitizing and Cleaning Methods

Keep Your Home Healthy

Your home is your safe zone. It's the one place in the entire world where you should feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. How can you feel any of these things if viruses and bacteria?

Sometimes, the biggest risk factors concerning our health are things the naked eye can't see. Is your home germ-free? Which cleaning methods do you use?

If you haven't done a good deep cleaning in a while, then the answer to that question might not be what you want to hear. To combat all germs in the home before the win the battle, you'll want to read our guide below. In this guide, we discuss several cleaning tips and tricks to ensure your home is spic and span at all times.

Are you ready to learn some of the best cleaning methods? Continue reading to learn more!

Use an Oil Diffuser

If you don't already diffuse oils in your home, it's time to start doing so. Essential oil diffusers are great for purifying and cleaning your home's air. Take the time to look into different essential oils to use. If you are having problems with your diffuser, you should look up the manual to use it properly. If you have nature's truth, look up the nature's truth diffuser manual so you can fix any issue.

Some essential oils are great to freshen the air and make your home smell fabulous, but others hold antibacterial and antiviral properties, such as tea tree oil. When you diffuse them into your home's air, they'll help clean it. You can also look at this helpful guide for other ways to keep your home virus-free.

You can also look into buying a few indoor plants. Certain plants, such as the snake plant and the aloe vera plant purify the air as well. They also look amazing on your windowsills and in your kitchen!

Create a Cleaning System

Creating a cleaning system for yourself will ensure you stay on top of all your cleaning tasks on a regular basis. A cleaning system is basically a way to stay organized and make your cleaning tasks easier for you. When sticking to a cleaning system, you're also less likely to forget something.

For example, each time you clean your home, start in the same room and work your way to the other side of the house. Clean everything in the same order each time. A great tip is to start in the room of your choice and then begin by cleaning from top to bottom.

If any dust, dirt, or germs fall from the top of the bookshelf while cleaning it, it's okay because you'll work your way down cleaning as you go. Clean all your mirrors and countertops first. If crumbs fall on the floor, don't mind them too much.

You'll sweep, vacuum, and mop later in your routine.

Spray Your Showers Clean

It's no secret that showers get dirty quite easily, and they're also quite difficult to clean. All that soap scum and grime get caked onto your shower doors and walls. The best way to combat soap scum and grime is to prevent it from forming in the first place.

Spray your showers clean with a shower cleaner after each shower. Then, rinse it off. That's it.

If it's too late and there's already a build-up in your shower, then you can use a Magic Eraser to help you remove the build-up with ease.

Dust With a Vacuum, Then a Duster

Dusting can sometimes be tedious and causing dust to float around the entire home, flaring up allergies. Because of this, it's a good idea to begin your dusting by vacuuming the dust first. Vacuum your drapes, the top of your TVs, and any other surface where dust normally collects.

After you dust with the vacuum, you can then dust with a duster to complete the task.

Don't Allow Shoes in the House

The bottoms of shoes hold many germs. You have no idea what you're stepping on throughout the day when you're not in your home. All of those germs, dirt, and mud is then tracked into your home via the bottom of your shoes.

A great way to reduce the amount of dirt in the home is to establish a no-shoe rule in your home. You can place a basket by the front door or a shoe shelf or rack. Everyone should remove their shoes at the door before entering your home.

Clean With Soap and Water First

When you're ready to sanitize your home, you'll want to clean first. All surfaces should be cleaned with soap and water first. Allow the surfaces to dry and then use a sanitizer on them such as a Lysol spray.

Never rely on Lysol spray alone to clean these surfaces for you. After emptying all trashcans, you can spray them down using the disinfectant spray. You can even choose to spray all surfaces in the home with a disinfectant spray once you're done cleaning.

Don't Forget the Most Commonly Touched Surfaces

Don't forget to get all those frequently-touched surfaces. It might seem obvious, but there are many surfaces in the home that we touch regularly but don't think to clean. For example, when's the last time you used soap and water to clean all the doorknobs in the house?

Faucet handles, toilet seats and handles, doorknobs, remote controls, game controllers, and light switches should all be cleaned well and then sanitized.

Use These Cleaning Methods the Next Time You Clean Your Home

The next time you're ready to clean your home, make sure you have this guide by your side. Follow all of the cleaning methods listed here to ensure you keep your home clean at all times.

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