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5 Best Home Remodeling Software
to Design Your Home

Home Remodeling

By Sophia John

The home interior is more of a reflection of the mind of the inhabitant than anything else. With time, the mind of the people inhabiting a house changes. The trends, fashion, accessories, and other attributes related to a perfect home décor alter over time. Hence, to keep the room interior in harmony with the altering aspects, home remodeling is necessary. The latest home remodeling applications are of much utility if you plan to revamp your room's look and feel. Each of these room design software comes with individual merits and weaknesses. Here are some of the best options for you to choose from. 

Floor Planner

The floor plan of a room contributes all the difference to its overall look. If you are about to extend your premises or planning to construct a treehouse for kids, you need to concentrate on the floor plan more than anything else. It is the floor of a space that allows you to accommodate and arrange all the staff coherently and artistically. Therefore, it is the floor space that ultimately decides whether or not the entire room will appear crowded or roomy. 

Here comes the importance of another outstanding room remodeling software, Floorplanner, which helps you plan, re-plan, and execute the minute details associated with a floor planning task. It allows you to work involving the 2D and the 3D space that offers you a 360-degree view of your planning space. With all the belongings placed perfectly, you can have a real image of the space long before it is done. Hence, it spares you the hassle of imagining the entire thing and helps you with a wholesome view of the room you are planning on. Once you have a dome planning the floor with the help of this software, you can switch the view from 2D to 3D and decorate the floor to get an idea of what the real place would look like after accommodating all the belongings you have.

Smart Draw

Ideal for professional interior designers and architects, this one of the easiest to use yet advanced room remodeling software available in the market today. One of the features that make this one such a popular choice is it's easy to operate functionalities. No matter if you have enough experience of handling such technically advanced design software or a beginner, this software would not demand you to be a technology nerd to handle it. 

This software allows you to choose from an inexhaustible set of cars, building materials, furniture, and templates to plan your space. Hence, working with this software helps you settle for the optimal choice possible and exposes you to the latest and the most trending design options of the market today. Hence, apart from designing a given space, your ideas also get augmented while working with this software. 

However, all these and more remain available without any cost for the first seven days only. If you feel satisfied with the offerings of this software, you may consider it for a humble upgrade after the free period is over. With this software integrated with your machine, all your projects are sure to be a grand success. 

Planner 5D

If you are looking for a room designing software that will allow you a virtual tour of the space in concern, with all the arrangements assembled at places they are expected to be, this one can be your one-stop choice. Much like the Sketch Up free version, this software allows you an immersive experience that gets you footed on the space that you are planning to get a feel of the area. 

If a complex design or an out of the box one is not on your mind, you can simply explore the extensive range of templates available with this software. Pick any template that you like and start working on it to get your remodeling plan ready within hours. To save time and effort, choosing from templates always seems to be a smart idea. 

However, if settling for an unorthodox and much authentic planning is all you are looking for, this software would offer you choices that would lend you a hand in getting your dream plan done. Since the software runs on iOS, you can easily use it with your smartphone or any other device to plan your dream home even on the go. It comes with an easy to handle interface that makes planning easier. Available in more than 252 countries across the world, it is one of the most popular choices. 


If opting for free yet efficient home remodeling software is on your mind, you will hardly get any other software as efficient and satisfying as this one. With all the advanced features and easy to operate functionalities, it is one of the top-most choices for the professionals these days. The best part is that it remains free throughout. 

Also, the companies dealing with building materials, furniture, etc., add their products to it, and you get to design your space using all the real-life products. Hence, your layout receives a more realistic look and feel when the planning is done. You can also switch from a 2D view to a 3D view, much like the Planner 5D software. 

This makes sure that you get a wholesome view of the planning you are working on as and when required. If you are running short of time, the summary option available with this software will help you get over with the panning rapidly. Hence, for professionals as well as beginners, this software is the ultimate choice for affordable, advanced, and effective home modeling software.

The market has a plethora of choices to offer. You need to select the best one, depending on your requirements and budget. Check the features carefully before settling for any of the home remodeling software to be sure of the worth of your investment. With this software integrated into your devices, planning would be fun and hassle-free. 

Sketch Up

Sketch Up is one of the most advanced and efficient home redesigning software available in the market at present. No matter if you are building a new home or extending the existing one, a home remodeling software as efficient as Sketch-Up can offer you a wholesome view of your future home without wasting even a scratch of the pencil on a paper. 

With its advanced algorithms and technicalities, this software ensures that you get a complete view of your dream home long before even the first brick gets laid. One of the most important aspects of this software is that it allows you to erase and remodel the concept as many times you want without wasting much of your time. If you find one design to be inadequate to satisfy your expectations, try the next plan to be sure.

Sketch up remodeling tool offers you extreme ease while forming and working on a plan using it. You would almost feel like working with a pen and paper while sketching the intricate detailing of the room remodeling plan you have in your mind. For commercial as well as personal use, sketch up is one of the smartest options to settle for.

About the Author:
Sophia John has been writing articles for the 2+ years on technical and non-technical content for various websites. Apart from writing she loves to cook and spend free time with her family.
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