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Know Everything About Your
Home Plumbing’s Lifespan

Your home's plumbing puts in long hours every day to function at its full capacity, and while some fixtures may need to be changed sooner than others, it's not a pipe dream to expect your pipes and fixtures to last decades. Taking care of your home's plumbing might help it last longer than the typical lifespan. Here's an estimate of how long your plumbing should last in your home, according to the expert plumbers in the Beenleigh area.

Home Plumbing

Know What You Have When It Comes to Pipes

Knowing what type of plumbing you have in your home will help you estimate how long it will survive before it starts to fail. Your home inspection report or the documentation and warranties that came with your new home will help you figure out what kind of plumbing system you have and when it was built. You can also pay for a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing system by plumbers near me to determine its true condition.

Brass, iron, and steel supply pipes can last 50-70 years on average; copper pipes can last 70-80 years or more. The lifespan of PVC piping is less than 50 years.

Some homes built in the 1970s and 1990s employed a short-lived product called polybutylene pipe, which was supposed to be easier to plumb due to its malleable plastic construction. Because the product is prone to breaking, it is frequently removed from homes as a precaution. If your polybutylene plumbing is deteriorating, an examination can tell you. Contact your local plumbers in Beenleigh right away!

Heaters for Hot Water

Every day, your water heater churns to ensure that you get a hot shower in the morning. While the amount of people in your home affects how long your hot water heater lasts, here's an estimate of how long it will last before you need to replace it.

  • The lifespan of a tankless hot water heater is 20 years.
  • 12 years for a traditional hot water heater
  • Water heaters with heat pumps have a ten-year warranty.


A clogged toilet can cause a major home disaster. Toilets can live for nearly 50 years, but not all of their interior components. Although the operation of a toilet is very basic, it does contain approximately a dozen moving elements.

Kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets have progressed with smart technology and touchless technology, but we can all agree that a working faucet is a kitchen must-have. The usable life of a faucet varies depending on the manufacturer, but on average, it lasts about 12 years.

Pumps for Sump Tanks

The sump pump is one of your home's most valuable plumbing parts. Your sump pump's normal lifespan is about ten years, and it's designed to keep your basement dry in the event of heavy rainfall. Any issue in the plumbing can be handled well by plumbers in Beenleigh.

Pumps for Wells

If you live in a house with a well, the good pump is the most critical part of keeping your water flowing. Depending on your water usage, the number of people living in the house, sediment levels, and the water levels in your area, a good pump can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years.

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