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Home Improvements That Also
Make You Feel Better

paintbrushes and buckets of pain

Improving your home can also have an impact on the way you feel!

Life can really throw some curveballs at you. Whether it’s a stressful situation at work or a tiff with a loved one, or even just a typical bad day where nothing goes your way, everyone needs a safe harbor. Hopefully, your home can be the place where you feel safe and able to unwind and relax. With a busy lifestyle, though, sometimes we neglect this sacred space and treat it more as a hotel room. If you are not feeling yourself or are having trouble dealing with your frustrations, putting some effort into making your home better might just be what the doctor ordered. These home improvements that also make you feel better are fairly easy to get done but their benefits will be long-lasting.

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5 home improvement tips that can make you feel better

  1. Get your hands dirty
    One of the best stress busters is doing some manual work that does not require too much concentration. Consider repotting your plants that have outgrown their initial pots long ago. Not only will you feel better for getting something done, but the activity itself will be pleasurable in its own right. You won’t be able to check your phone. This way, you can shut out the world while focusing on this simple task. Finally, you’ll have nicely potted plants to decorate your place.

    If you live in a house, you may want to consider doing some work in the garden. Something like raking your yard will get the job done. The physical exertion will make you feel better straight away. In addition, the new neatness of your yard will be a sight for sore eyes. This kind of activity is a perfect example of how home improvement projects can boost your mood and make you happier. Another particularly practical thing you can do is clean out the gutter. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can also consider getting a new gutter. It is neither a big project nor a large expense. Just a simple improvement that can take some worries off your plate.

  2. Clean, clean, clean
    For many people, cleaning can truly be therapeutic. Like with most home improvement projects you are hoping will be stress busters, however, it is important not to go too big. You do not want to add stress to your life by pressuring yourself with unrealistic expectations. Start small like with clearing out your desk drawers or scrubbing clean the kitchen countertops.

    Washing the windows is another one of the home improvements that also make you feel better. The act of cleaning will keep your mind off your troubles for a little bit. Also, you’ll be physically active and you will get a clearer view out of your windows as a result. Finally, choosing something difficult to clean as a project can really boost your mood. It will be just one activity, but it will probably be something you have been neglecting for some time. You will feel accomplished while simultaneously solving a longstanding issue.

  3. Declutter
    The benefits of decluttering and minimalist living have been discussed at length in recent years. No one is saying you should live like a monk, but all of us could probably do with fewer belongings cluttering our space. You can go about decluttering in a very responsible way, without throwing much away. While you’re going through your belongings, make several piles. There are surely things your friends could get some use out of, some things you can give away to charity (especially clothes) and then some things you can simply throw away. Your rooms will feel lighter and your day-to-day will be more streamlined without so many things getting in your way.
  4. Paint
    Some of the easiest home improvements that also make you feel better involve adding a pop of color to your space. Project management is also very important here, though. You do not want to bite off more than you can chew. On the other hand, if you have a weekend that you would like to devote to a home improvement project, painting may just be the project for you. Lots of people like to just do one accent wall and paint it a different, bright color. Or you can go the whole nine. You may want to start with a smaller room, just so the project isn’t too overwhelming.

    If you like your walls the way they are but still want some color, there are other things you can consider painting. Painting doors of rooms or cabinets a bright color can really infuse your space with new energy. If you are more of a handyman than the regular person, you may want to consider changing the backsplash of your kitchen, or even the countertops. These are fairly simple projects and they will make you feel good because you got something done, plus your space will get a fresh new feel.

  5. Add décor
    Another way how home improvement projects can boost your mood and make you happier is when they tap into your creativity. Redecorating does not have to break the bank either. You can add some new inexpensive accent pillows into your living room, reorganize your bookshelf by color or finally hang up those posters you like. Even getting a new bed sheet set will give your bedroom a new feel. In particular, check out KOVI Fabrics, which provides a wide range of textile goods as well as specialized furniture and upholstery.

    If all else fails, you can try reorganizing your furniture. Even though you will quickly get used to the new order, the initial feeling of freshness may open up a new perspective in your mind as well.

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