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The Home Gardening Boom During COVID-19

Home Gardening

The Covid-19 led to global lockdowns. Social distancing became the need of the hour and an effective tool to curb the spread of Coronavirus. But, amidst all the negativity and uncertainty, something positive happened. More and more people took up gardening as a hobby. People looking for inner peace and a medium to deal with the epidemic chose this route. Experts even believe that home gardening has the potential to enhance emotional wellness for people suffering from depression.

According to various experts across the world, gardening is a combination of multiple things, which lead to positive mental health. Some even draw parallels between gardening and physical exercise. There’s something special about growing food and connecting with the roots. It explains the gardening boom during this pandemic.

A study found that interest in gardening increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. People spent more time at home and turned to their gardens for a connection to nature, stress relief, and food provisions.

But, the real question is whether the sudden rise in gardening really about food? Given the amount of labor and investment required to grow vegetables in your backyard, it's always easier to visit your local grocery store to buy vegetables. In fact, without a large area in your backyard, you can merely grow few flowers. So, what's the reason people have been choosing gardening?

Well, it's something far more complex and deep. As humans, we have an intense desire to connect and belong, for deeper contact with mother nature, for creativity, and a sense of purpose. Without these aspects, we may seize to exist. Post lockdown, we were stuck in our homes, so connecting with nature turned out to be an obvious choice.

To have the best budget to renovate garden you will need to source and implement changes that are financially viable for you.

Before Corona became a thing in our lives, most of us were already glued to our mobile and computer screens. Our lives were limited to the screen, but we still had some human contact when we went outdoors. However, the overnight imposition of lockdowns accelerated our isolation, and people felt an immense urge to plunge their hands in the soil.

Plants Never Judge:

Plants are simply beings. You nurture them, and they will keep growing and blossoming at a healthy pace. Even the most rookie individual can manage plants because their demands are simple. Plants respond to anybody without biases. Therefore, experts believe that more and more people are finding it an alternative medium to spend their leisure hours.

How To Start Gardening?

Never gardened before? Well, we are here to help you with these easy-to-follow tips...

Select The Site:

Before you jump into gardening, your primary goal is to select the location. You should start the garden at a place where you can regularly see it. Because if you can see it from your kitchen or any other room's window, then it's likely that you'd visit there more often.


Before you lay the foundation for your garden, spend a couple of days paying attention to the sunlight moving through your yard. A majority of herbs and vegetables regularly need at least 6 hours of sunlight.

Keep The Water Close:

If there’s one thing that’s equally important other than sunlight, it’s water. Therefore, you must keep the source of water near your garden, so you don’t have to carry buckets of water every time you’ve to quench the thirst of your plants.

Start With The Soil Selection:

If you're taking up gardening, make sure to invest in nutrient-rich soil. The quality of soil will determine the growth in your garden. Simply put, if your soil quality isn't good, then no matter what you do, your plants will lack growth.

Choice Of Plants:

When you start gardening, it is essential to choose plants that match your growing conditions. For instance, sun-loving plants prefer sunny locations. You must do your homework before getting a plant and pick the plant type, which is likely to grow seamlessly in your locality.

Some Mulch Helps:

You must add a mulch layer, which is at least 2 to 3 inches deep around every plant. It will be immensely helpful in reducing weeds by not just blocking out the sun but also reducing the loss of moisture through evaporation.

Feed Them Regularly:

Imagine missing a meal for a toddler. Bad, isn’t it? Well, plants are just the same. We have already talked about the importance of quality soil. But, without continued nutrition, even quality soil is futile. Therefore, if you want your garden to become a great success, then you should feed your plants with high-quality nutrition.

The pandemic isn’t over yet. We still don’t know the ultimate impact of the COVID-19, but if there was a silver lining to all of this, it had to be the rise of gardening. There has been an influx of enthusiastic gardeners who bring along innovative ideas and opinions around plants. To conclude, we are heading into interesting times, and it would be great to see how these emerging enthusiasts promote gardening.

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