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All Those Home Décor Tips You Need to Know Before You Turn 30

When you are in your early or mid-twenties, and planning the décor of your interiors in your new neighborhood or new apartment, you should learn some settling tips. The furniture that you have shifted from your ex- roommate might not seem to go with the style of your new house. So when you are on the edge of turning your dreams into reality, you should go through the following décor tips before you turn 30.

Select Your Furniture Wisely

When you want to give a timeless look to your home, you can go for the vintage furniture that you have inherited from family or friends. Though modern trends are great, vintage will stay forever. Make sure the mirror is large enough to view the reflection from the top to the bottom of the body. You should invest in natural materials while selecting furniture. The dining table with top quality wood and a side table with marble will go a long way in the test of time.

Select the Wall Colors

The colors of the walls will depend on the lighting of the room. Different times of the day may show different colors within the same room depending on the amount of light it receives. When you are selecting the color from the color chart, it might look good on the chart but bad on your walls.You can take a large piece of paper of around 36*24 inches and then paint a color of your choice. Fix it on one of the walls and watch it at different times of the day. This activity will help in deciding the color of your walls easily.

Collection of Arts

Designform furnishings will provide you with different ideas for selecting the best artwork for your rooms. If you are not comfortable with expensive ceramics or glass showpieces, you can go for wall hangings. Your walls may play the role of the blank canvas where you can paint your own story at your own will. You should attend the local ceramic studios or the art fairs in your community to collect exclusive pieces for your rooms.

Put them All Together

You should have a good sense of scale for fitting the furniture in the rooms. The right size idea will help you in understanding which items should go where. You may use digital templates for obtaining the correct scale. Your accessories, lighting, and even the rugs should never feel out of place. Measuring tape or painter’s tape should also be used to get the perfect measurements before fitting your furniture and accessories within the room. If you are hunting for exclusive art pieces for your home, you should carry a pocket tape to get the exact measurement before investing in it.


All the home décor tips mentioned in the article will help you to focus on designing your interiors. As you are doing a long-term investment, you should be very careful about your decisions and selections. Whenever you are in doubt, you should consult with professional interior designers.

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