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Essential Home Cleaning Tips to
Combat Coronavirus Spread

Everyone understands the world novel Coronavirus and the pandemic triggered by its irrepressible spread. The Australian government has offered standards to adhere to which can aid you remain risk-free. Nevertheless, you also require taking extra actions to maintain yourself and your household clean and safe during this pandemic.

Many short articles discussed keeping distance, putting on a mask, and complying with certain health standards to remain safe from this virus. Nevertheless, few pieces created on the sofa cleaning ideas to keep the home as well as entities in it safeguarded from the Coronavirus.

It is important not to stress or panic.

Pri from Canberra Bond Cleaning has contributed a few tips for disinfecting and cleaning your residence to maintain it safe...

4 House Cleaning Tips to Reduce The Spread of Coronavirus

1. Regularly Clean And Disinfect Hard Surfaces

The Coronavirus can reside on the hard surface area from specific hours to some days. Hence, according to the CDC (Centres for Illness Control), difficult surface areas need to be cleaned routinely in your home. Adhere to the below-stated house cleaning tips:

  • Wear a mask and gloves to stay safe from breathing in the virus if it is in your home.
  • Vacuum cleaner the grime and dirt from the surface areas.
  • Use disinfectant to decontaminate the surface by complying with the provided use standards.

You need to decontaminate the difficult surfaces two to three times a week.

2. Upholstery Cleaning and Disinfecting

Upholstery is used more regularly in each residence, whether it is a couch, chair, or another thing. Thus, you must comply with the below periodically pointed out ideas for upholstery cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Cover the upholstery furnishings and clean the cover every alternate day with disinfectant. Do not forget to hang it to get completely dry in sunlight for a minimum of 3 hrs.
  • Dust or vacuum the sofa, couch or other furniture consistently.
  • Usage anti-bacterial, which appropriates for fabric cleaning based upon the fabric and supplier's caution.

3. Disinfecting Areas Touched More Frequently

Some locations are touched more often, especially when you come from outside.

  • Doorknobs.
  • Desks.
  • Power switches.
  • Tap.
  • Sinks.
  • Toilet.
  • Remote.

These are a lot more contaminated surfaces that can be your house of deadly Coronavirus. Hence, clean as well as decontaminate it daily.

4. Tidy Your Phone & Electronics

We all utilise our mobiles, laptops and other personal devices more often than earlier, says Mick from VRDigital, a Web Designer In Canberra. The Coronavirus can survive on the phone surface for days. Now, there are a few common and suggested steps to clean it:

  • Take a lint-free towel and clean the surface thoroughly.
  • Take isopropyl alcohol wipes and clean the hard surface delicately. Do not scrub or clean also difficult.
  • Clean it once again with a clean and lint-free cloth.

Please remember, at any factor, do not spray sanitiser or disinfectant on the phone. Dampness needs not make its method to any opening of your phone.

Wrapping Up

There are no clear signs about eradication of Coronavirus anytime soon. Hence, it is imperative that we safeguard ourselves as much as we can by keeping high touchpoint areas like our vehicle, phone, tough surfaces, and furniture clean in your residence as well as offices. And last but not the least, if possible: Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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