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Benefits of Real Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have gained popularity in the modern home and living decors. They are considered as interior décor accessories that provide homeowners with decorative and healthy benefits. The health benefits attached to them makes them more popular across the world. There are many other reasons why property owners prefer the Himalayan salt lamps being in their houses compared to other lamps. Most homeowners and interior designers import the salt lamps from Asia to the United States and other parts of the world. However, due to technology, there has been a compromise in the authenticity of some Himalayan salt lamps. Some are considered to be custom made in factories to mimic the original ones. Before proceeding into further details about the Himalayan salt lamps, it is first to understand what a Himalayan salt lamp is...

salt lamps benefits

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

The name Himalayan comes from the origin of where the salt crystals are mined. The salts are mined from the Himalayan regions and then shipped to other parts of the world either as raw salt crystals that are just mined or customized to fit the lamps. The crystals are mined from hard salt rocks within different parts of the Himalayas. They are hen chiseled at the middle to create a hollow part that is used in fitting the lamp of choice. The Himalaya salt lamps are available in different colors, and homeowners prefer buying those that complete the interior décor or themes within their houses. The different colors of the Himalayan salt lamps are due to the mineral elements in the salt crystals. They may be available in blue, pink orange or even white colors. The choice of the color that a homeowner needs is dependent on how the interior of their house is.

Interior designs, however, come in handy in selecting suitable Himalayan salt lamps that match the design of the interior décor of a house. The lamp that is fitted in the hollow part of the salt lamp is specially designed to produce heat as well as light. The light produced is useful in ensuring that it makes the salt crystals shine and illuminate the rooms where they are placed. The best Himalayan salt lamps are designed and customized to suit the needs of the modern property owners. They come in different sizes and shapes and may be placed in various locations within the homes.

Where are the best Himalayan salt lamps to buy and place?

Depending on their designs, the Himalayan salt lamps may be placed in different locations within a house or office. The needs of homeowners are varied and depending on an individual; the slat crystal may be placed in any of the following positions in the house or office:

The patio
Being on the patio in the evening or night hours is satisfying and comfortable. This is especially when an individual wants to enjoy the evening or night breeze within the vicinity of their house. It is important to select the most suitable size and design of the best Himalayan salt lamp before deciding to see them in eth patio. The patio is a good location to be used for relaxation and doing many other activities. When placing the Himalayan salt Lampson the patio table, it should be stable enough to avoid it toppling over. Strong winds during the evening or night hours may accidentally knock it over if there is no sufficient stability or protection.

Himalayan Salt Lamp lounge

In the lounge
The lounge is where many people spend most of their time during the day or night. The best Himalayan salt lamps are known to clean the air through the production of negative ions that attract the positively charged dust and pollen particles. When an environment is occupied by many people, placing the salt lamp, there would be helpful in creating a conducive environment with clean air. Large Himalayan salt lamps may be placed in such locations to help in the deodorization of air which is used by eth occupants. It is essential for the homeowners to ensure they either use the large size or use several of the Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan Salt Lam bathroom

The bathroom
The bathroom spaces in modern homes and living have been transformed into comfortable spaces where users can comfortably take their shower or bath. Placing the Himalayan salt lamp within eth bathroom would illuminate the space and make it warm as well as attractive. Interior designers can help in choosing the most appropriate designs and the size to be placed within the bathroom. A tip when placing the Himalayan salt lamps within the bathroom is to avoid it being too close to the shower or the bathtubs. They should always be tightly fixed on strategic locations of the bathroom to avoid being knocked over. With the introduction of modern interior design techniques and software, interior designers can easily identify a position where the lamps can be safely placed to avoid any accidents from happening.

Himalayan Salt Lamp bedroom

Having the Himalayan salt lamps within the bedroom helps in creating a conducive environment by removing dust and pollen particles. It is essential for homeowners and interior designers to identify the best Himalayan salt lamps that can be placed in the bedroom environment to deodorize the air and keep the atmosphere cool. There should be no too much heat or light produced which would make an individual uncomfortable.

Himalayan Salt Lamp study table

Study table
Since the Himalayan salt lamps are known to have health benefits and also act as interior decors, they can be placed on the study tables. They are essential in providing lighting around the study area. Instead of using normal light, the use of Himalayan salt lamps is recommended and has become popular with many homeowners in modern society.

How to select the best Himalayan salt lamps

The modern world has a lot of technologies which are used in the production of interior décor materials and accessories. This makes it easy for the creation of the Himalayan salt lamps that may not be authentic. Having fake Himalayan salt lamps within one’s home may cause health complications since they may have chemicals on them. When the heat from the lamps is produced, the chemicals may get into the air and affect the people around.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Purchase them from trusted sellers
There are many trusted seller of the Himalayan salt lamps. Buying the best Himalayan salt lamps requires careful research because there are many sellers that may not be trustworthy. Online shops have a lot of sellers from different parts of the world who are willing to ship them to customers around the world. Therefore, visiting online e-commerce platforms that are trustworthy can be helpful in identifying reliable dealers in the long run.

Find local dealers
There are local dealers with stores that sell Himalayan salt lamps. How about visiting them and finding out about the best Himalayan salt lamps that they offer. That would be fun and easy. When visiting the local dealers, it is essential to first have information about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps so that the homeowner or interior designer can decide on what they want. They should also have information about the different qualities of the Himalayan salt lamps so that they buy only the best.

Ask for recommendations
Interior designers are both technicians and consultants. They ensure they provide their clients with reliable information about different interior design accessories. Homeowners should be dedicated to providing highly reliable information about the best Himalayan salt lamps from their clients to buy when the best Himalayan salt lamps are installed within a house, the chance of improving the appearance of the interior increases. Consequently, when poor quality Himalayan salt lamps are used, there is the possibility of needing replacement in eth future.

Factors to consider before buying the best Himalayan salt lamps

The following factors would be helpful for individuals who want to get the Himalayan salt lamps in their houses for the first time. They may be overlooked by homeowners, but they remain crucial if one needs to achieve the best look of their interior space.

The color of the Himalayan salt lamp
The color is an essential element that has to be considered. Selecting the best color helps in maintaining a high level of uniformity within the house interior. Choosing a Himalayan salt lamp that does not match the house theme may be hectic and not even appear appealing in the long run. Interior designers should help homeowners in selecting the best Himalayan salt crystals with regard to their color.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

The size
It is argued that the large the Himalayan salt lamp, the better its ability to clean the air around the house. The large surface area makes it sufficient enough to remove all the dust and pollen particles. It is essne3tial to ensure that the property y owner selects an appropriate size of the Himalayan salt lamp. The size should not be overdone since it would interfere with the design of the interior décor.

The shape
All Himalayan salt lamps do not come in similar shapes. Getting suitable custom shapes would introduce uniqueness within the places where they are placed.

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