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Which Heating System Is Cheaper - Gas or Electric?

Heating system

No one can deny that the heating system is boon for masses. When a person thinks about purchasing the heating system, then he faces a lot of problems. There are numerous heating systems available in the market. These options develop the situation of a dilemma: What to choose? At present, among all heating systems, gas heating systems and electric heating systems become the dominant choice of masses. If the person thinks about these heating systems, then he confuses in between one of them. The confusion leads to the question of which one is cheaper? Apart from it, here is the information that will resolve all your confusion.


When the person thinks about purchasing, firstly, he makes the budget and chooses the things as per budget for hiring heating repair company. In the case of electric and gas furnaces, gas furnaces are cheaper. Furthermore, there are numerous points that you will have to keep in mind while choosing the electric or gas furnace. In addition to it, these include effectiveness, longevity, safety, durability, and especially the cost.

Fuel availability:

It is a habit of the masses that they purchase things according to their convenience. The same thing applies in the case of a furnace. Most masses look for the furnace based on fuel availability. There is no doubt that natural gas is a prominent fuel. However, the system of natural gas is not available in all places.

On the other hand, masses do not have proper management or sources for propane and oil. The reason is that both of these require large tanks for storage. In addition to that, it is a bit expensive. In that case, you can take an electric furnace as an alternate option.


Most masses choose the durable furnace. Durability is the synonym of the life span. Among the electric and gas furnaces, electric furnaces are durable. The approximate life of the electric furnace is in between fifteen to twenty years. It does not require any extra efforts of installation. So make the investment once and enjoy the electric furnace for long life.

Risk level:

Machinery or any system brings numerous risks. For instance, if you purchase a refrigerator, then it has a risk of shock. The same thing is in the case of electric or gas furnaces. If you want a risk free furnace, then go for an electric furnace. The reason behind this is that the gas furnace releases the carbon monoxide in a minimum amount. Due to it, family members will have to pay proper attention to it. It enhances the stress level for sure. You can choose an electric furnace.

Eco friendly:

The electric furnace restricts the release of gas. It is also true that it has a more significant impact on the environment. On the other hand, a gas furnace releases some gases. You can also consider this point while purchasing the furnace. The reason is that it is better to invest the money at the accurate place and on the precise thing.


Purchasing things is easy, but maintenance is hard. Most of the time, people forget the service. The result of it is poor performances as well as the quality of the machine. But if you choose an electric furnace, then you do not need to worry about maintenance. The maintenance of an electric heating system is easy as well as effortless. In addition to it, you can also call the expert for service. On the other hand, a gas furnace requires high maintenance.

Mostly people run towards the gas furnace because of its low cost. But they do not think about the future. By choosing the gas furnace, they bring the heavy responsibility in the house. Although gas furnaces are cheap, electric furnaces are efficient. The reason is that the cost of natural gas is less while the cost of electricity is surging day by day.

If you live in a low-temperature area, then you can choose the gas furnace. It heats the house effectively as well quickly. If you consider the cost, then the gas furnace is best. On the other hand, in case of efficiency and maintenance, an electric furnace is best. Electric furnace gives favorable results in a dry climate. Apart from it, here is the list of pros and cons of electric furnace and gas furnace.

Gas furnace: 


  • It is cheaper than other furnaces because of natural gas.
  • You can use it either with an air conditioner.
  • It can be used with air pumps.
  • It provides the facility of fast heating.


  • It requires a unique installation.
  • While running, it releases carbon monoxide.
  • It demands special maintenance. 

Electric Furnace: 


  • It does not require any natural gas.
  • It has a longer life span.
  • It has a worthy performance.
  • It works with more efficiency.
  • No extra maintenance is required.


  • The cost of electric bills will surge.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • It does not have the facility of transferring heat.

The details mentioned above show that both of the furnaces have their pros and cons too. So, one cannot compare the furnaces with each other. In addition to it, the reason behind this statement is, each and every furnace has a specific role as well as features. The furnace works according to climate and maintenance. Apart from that, you will have to choose the furnace according to your home as well as the climate. Moreover, if you live in a dry environment and purchase the gas furnace, then it is a total waste of money.

In the end, choose the furnace according to your budget and priority. You can also take the suggestion from where you buy the furnace. Otherwise, this information is enough to choose the best. The first thing that matters is your preference. Purchase the furnace as per the choice. Further, due to it, you will not be able to regret in future that I purchase the wrong furnace.

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