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The Ultimate Guide to Paint a House

Paint House

If you are thinking about home renovation, try a new paint colour. The new paint colour will give an innovative look at home. And home painting is one of the best things to boost up your energy and spent extra time. Whenever you are getting bored, try something creative.

Many new painting brands are working now. Different types of the mat and shiny colours are present. Choose the best colour that fits other things in the home. If you want to give a classical and traditional look to your home, paint your walls white colour.

Before starting painting search online about the best paint brands and service providers, the G S decorating is providing the best services in London. Check the reviews of happy and satisfied customers and then hire an expert to paint your home. If you can't afford an expert, paint your home by yourself.

Knowledge is vital when doing home improvement projects, including painting your property. Here are 15+ home painting statistics to help homeowners feel confident in their decision-making when planning their painting projects, including identifying contractors and reputable paint firms, selecting colors and budgeting.

When to paint the house?

Before starting painting, think about this project at a global level. Visit your nearby homes to take an idea of colour and other crucial decorating items.


Don't paint a moist wall as the paint doesn't adhere to the surface. If you start painting a home exterior just after the rain, the paint will peel off. When the RH value ( Relative Humidity) is about 50%, and you start painting a wall, the paint will dry slowly. So before starting painting, check the weather condition and other factors as they are essential.


The sunlight is responsible for the curing of the paint. If you want to paint the home exterior in summer, it is not good. The sunlight falls on the light directly and drys the paint in an unattractive way. While on the other hand, when the temperature is 34 – 37 F, the paint will never dry.

Time & Season:

For painting a home's exterior, the best suitable time is between morning and mid-noon. The late spring and early winter seasons are best for painting, as at that time temperature spark is low.

Choosing the perfect colour:

The best and major part of the painting is the colour selection. People prefer professional painters, as they are experts in painting. Neutral colours are suitable for painting and easily adjustable in the surroundings, whenever choosing a paint colour to think about the building colour nearby you.

Otherwise, the best available option is to choose a colour that gives an innovative look to your home. Don't rely on others for selection. If your buying paint samples, buy in the size of 1 quart so that you can see the paint colour easily. Apply it on the walls and then decide whether to go with a bright colour or the light ones.

Final Words:

Choose a paint scheme that fits other furniture and home utensils easily. Buy light colours and give a classical look to your dream yard. You can use skirting boards for remodelling the old ruptured walls. The use of skirting is on-trend nowadays.

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