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Graana Wanted Feature:
Best Portal for Home Buyers


Urbanisation is on the rise, and with that, the real estate sector is experiencing rapid change. People's choices and preferences are shifting; they are moving towards modern compact houses and safer, functional housing societies. Residents want living options that are not only cheaper and readily available.

Demand for Better Facilities

With this growing demand for more houses, people are also demanding better housing schemes and safer vicinities. Residents want to buy houses that are close to necessary facilities such as schools, parks, commercial areas and hospitals. They want to live in societies that have malls, shops, restaurants and good road networks. Residents wish to have flexible payment options that benefit them in the long run and affordable houses. 

Shift in Preferences 

To cater to these growing demands, the housing sector is seeing rapid growth. The real estate sector is forced into accelerated construction of houses and apartments flats, and newer housing scheme projects are underway. Flats and apartments are also gaining popularity as people want affordable, functional and readily available options.

Searching for Property 

When it comes to buying or selling property, people tend to rely on word of mouth. Buying a house or property is one of the most significant financial decisions one would take in their life; hence much is at stake. People prefer to make this decision with the help of another trustworthy individual as this task is quite daunting. For the same reason, many also choose to go to property agents. These agents are masters of the real estate market; they have immense experience and knowledge and can help customers in this overwhelming process. 

Using Online Portal for Property

This is the age of the internet and digitalisation, and just like everything else, the real estate sector is also going digital. Buyers must make use of digital tools to have a holistic experience. is Pakistan's first online property portal of its kind. At Graana, customers can find a vast amount of property listings from any part of Pakistan. Customers can find property for sale, renting, buying and even investing. The process of uploading their property is straightforward and user-friendly, making it accessible for people of all ages. Property listings are first verified and then made live on the portal to provide an authentic experience to its users. It is the best online portal for property as it has a range of filters such as filters for city, location, size or number of bedrooms, and whether customers want to buy, sell, rent or invest. All features are available to help customers narrow down their search to one that best fits their needs. 

Using the Graana Wanted Section to Find Property for Sale

Another fantastic feature of the Graana portal is the Wanted Section. You can find the Wanted button on the top bar of the home page. By clicking on it, the customer lands on the Wanted page. On this page, customers can add detailed information regarding the type of property they search for, along with their contact details. Once submitted, the Graana team personally contacts customers via agents and assists in this process. The Wanted section helps connect customers directly with agents at Graana, who can help in providing assistance and guidance. They connect buyers and sellers and help customers find the best areas to buy a house that best suits their needs. 

Features of the Graana Wanted Section

The Wanted section can either be used to buy, sell, rent or even invest in property. Customers can also specify the type of property they are interested in, whether a house or a flat or a piece of land etc. Customers also have the option to mention their location preferences. This feature is an excellent step towards making buying a house much more straightforward and smoother and turning it into a pleasant experience for the Graana customers. 

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