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Custom Glass Table Top Replacement
Guide for A Large Dining Table

If you prefer the glass furnishing appearance, the custom glass tabletop is the best option for you to pick. Glass tabletop on a dining table makes a long-lasting impression with the appealing elegance at mealtime. A large surfaced dining table with a glass top offers a pristine presence for hosting. To get a complete ambiance, you can use the custom cut glass for your favorite meal-table. The custom tabletop glass will provide you the versatile options of furnishing and designing. So, it is high time to replace your old-fashioned tabletop to a modern one. If you are looking for guidance, here you will get the ultimate to-dos for replacing your large dining table top with a custom glass table top to go here:

Dining Table Glass Types Recommended for Replacement

First of all, you will have to decide the glass type that fits your requirements. There are several options for your replacement glass. Some are here:

  • Translucent Glass tabletop: Obscured Glass for easy maintenance and brightness
Custom Glass Table Top

This type of glass is not clear, rather, it carries a frosted look. It allows half of light to transmit through the glass. But it can distribute the light evenly throughout the room. If you want a glass that requires low maintenance, then it is the perfect fit for your purpose. As your table is large, you are going to use it heavily. The frosted quality can hide the dirt and mess with an elegant look.

  • Tinted Glass tabletop: Versatile color options with easy maintenance and cleaning
Custom Glass Table Top

Tines glasses come with several colors like bronze, grey, blue, green, and so on. If the interior permits you to go with a colored table top for dining, then you can choose your preferable color option. It boosts the traditional boring appearance towards a stunning look. Your home will get an extra level of elegance with that.

  • Clear Tempered Glass tabletop: Clear safety glass which is stronger than ordinary glass
Custom Glass Table Top

If you want something more durable and strong one, get a clear tempered glass tabletop. The clear glass will create a clean feel to your dining table with no air bubble inside the glass pane. Also, you will get it three times stronger than ordinary glass surfaces. As you are looking for your large table, it will remain shatter-free for a long time. This is also a safer glass choice.

Glass Thickness Dependency on Its Required Size

Custom Glass Table Top

The thickness will depend on your custom glass table top size. You will require thicker glass with the increasing size; otherwise, there will be a chance to break down. The more thickness means more loading power. Fab Glass and Mirror offers several thicknesses for custom glass tabletop: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4".

  • 3/8" or 10mm, 1/2" or 12mm, 3/4" or 19mm thick glasses are for heavy use. You can use these for your large dining table with 10 to 12 seating arrangements as an unsupported glass tabletop.
  • 3/16" or 5mm and 1/4" (6mm) tabletops can take the medium load. These work great for medium-sized dining tables with round 6 seating arrangements or side tables.
  • A tabletop glass with 5/32" or 4mm thickness is preferable for medium tables. You can use this in the kitchen table or living room table.
  • If the glass thickness is 1/8" or 3mm, it will work as a thin tabletop. For being lightweight it will be suitable for small indoor tables or small patio tables.

So, fix the thickness based on how big the table is or how many people can accommodate the table.

Glass Styles and Designs for Table Top with Polished Edging

Custom Glass Table Top

You can add modern edging and shape to your favorite dining tabletop. Beveled edging is preferable for a trendy look of the table surface. You can also use a flat polished edging if you want to obscure the table perimeter from a direct view.

There are also elegant options like ogee, seamed, or pencil edging. Choose one that suits your other interior style. To get a gentle appearance, you can use the thinner cut glass. It offers custom options to fit as modern & smart furniture that will add candidness in the entire ambiance.

Where to Buy Top Quality Replacement Glass for Your Large Dining Table Top?

Getting the perfect customized glass for a large dining table is not an easy task. If you experience a bad seller, your investment will be valueless. To avoid this, you will have to find out an experienced seller. Considering the circumstance, you can blindly rely on Fab Glass & Mirror. They are the USA based trustworthy online sellers of glass and mirror. They have a wide range of options with several styles, glass types, and shapes to choose from. If these do not suit your requirement, you can easily place the custom order mentioning your specifications. Still, if you need some one-to-one guidelines, you can call directly at +1 888-474-2221 to get an expert opinion. You will get the customer support center open 24/7. So, replacing your large custom glass tabletop is not a hassle anymore.

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