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How to Get Rid of Vidanta Timeshare Legally

The Vidanta timeshare corporation owns and operates various luxury properties along Mexico's coast. Apart from the stunning environment, Vidanta resorts claim to provide guests with a high-quality experience, including one-of-a-kind lodgings and service.

The Vidanta experience is unusual in that their resorts present a range of entertainment, ranging from music to acrobat displays, all to display Mexican culture. If you were swept off your feet by the charisma of the salespeople during a visit to one of Vidanta's resorts, you may have ended up with a timeshare that you now regret.

We can assist you in determining the best method for getting rid of your Vidanta timeshare in your specific situation.


Vidanta timeshare cancellation can be accomplished in a variety of methods, although some are more effective than others. Various factors will influence the best method for you to get rid of your Vidanta timeshare.

Get Rid of Vidanta Timeshare

If you've just had your Vidanta timeshare for a few weeks, you may be able to return it to Vidanta with no penalty and no questions asked by following timeshare rescission period guidelines.

Almost every state in the United States has a timeshare rescission period that compels timeshare businesses to allow new timeshare owners to surrender their ownership to the corporation without restrictions, however, this time limit is quite short. 

The timeshare rescission period varies by state, but it is never more than a few weeks, so if you have owned your timeshare for longer than that, this is not an option for you.

If the timeshare rescission period has passed, you can contact Vidanta directly to see if they can work out a plan with you to get out of your timeshare contract early.

Some timeshare businesses provide “buy-back” schemes for this purpose, but most do not because it is not in their best interests from a financial standpoint. Nonetheless, it can't harm to give it a shot.

If you've previously paid off your Vidanta timeshare mortgage, you may be wondering if reselling your timeshare is a viable option. Unfortunately, unlike real estate, timeshares are never a solid investment.

Most timeshares lose most of their value as soon as the contract is signed. Timeshares are notoriously difficult to get rid of through resale or even free donation. Selling your timeshare is therefore unlikely to be a feasible alternative for getting rid of it, especially if you still owe money on it.

Final Words

Overall, do not be concerned about Vidanta timeshare cancellation because you have options. Many internet reviews have indicated that most Vida Vacations timeshare buyers were misled during these sales presentations’ sessions, according to our research. Even though it was an unpleasant experience, the good news is that your lies can be utilized to construct a solid case in court.

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