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Garage Conversions: Upgrading that Unused Space

Garage Conversions

As a home improvement, garage conversions are one of the most cost effective available. A person should consider a garage renovation or conversion if they do not use their garage for its intended purpose or cannot park two cars inside it.

In an era where space is at a premium, and every square inch must be utilised to its maximum potential, converting your existing garage can bring a huge range of benefits to you as well as adding value to your investment. From improving your lifestyle to freeing up much needed living space this is really something that everyone ought to think about.

The first step in any successful home improvement project is usually preparation - whether it is new furniture, redecorating or putting up some shelving, many things require proper planning before starting so that the project can run smoothly and finish quickly. Garage upgrades are no different, so before you begin renovating it is necessary to do some planning and visit the websites of different companies like Garage Mania to get some inspiration and work out a budget based on what's available online.

Unfortunately there are no rules for converting or renovating your garage, however a common mistake is to try and do it all at once. It is far more cost effective to do small, manageable jobs which can be completed with minimal disruption. Smaller jobs include things such as upgrading existing lighting or ventilation systems giving you time to decide on some of the bigger issues like whether you want to create a separate room within the garage itself or run plumbing into the building so that you can have both an outdoor car parking area and another indoor one.

Some people will always convert their garage into living space but while storing items in garages is convenient and cheap, many items may need restoring before being placed inside them - this type of work requires good storage solutions to enable use of the garage while it is happening. Those who do not have any intention of using their garages for storage should consider what they can achieve by converting them - whether it is a play area or another living room and just make sure that the job you choose to carry out has all been properly planned in advance.

Another issue which comes up time and time again with people considering a garage revamp is whether to demolish the current structure and build a new one instead. This is an important decision but needs careful thought, as if you are planning on selling soon after building could prove to be more worthwhile than a simple conversion which will take less time, cause less hassle and cost less money.

Garage Conversions

Why are Garage Renovations so Popular?

Garage conversions or upgrades are a great way to increase the value of your home or business. Including a garage allows you to get more out of every square foot of space you have available and means that you can store all the 'bits and pieces' you need without using valuable living spaces like spare bedrooms or lounges. People who do not use their garages for cars but are instead used for storage may find that they can add important tax breaks by converting it, which will boost their investment's resale price.

A home is the biggest financial investment most people will ever make. Whether it's a simple garage upgrade or a whole house renovation, adding value to your home means that you stand to make more money back when you come to sell it again in the future.

Converting an existing garage is also much cheaper than building one from scratch during housing development, so there are significant savings on offer if you intend to take up this option. It also means that instead of waiting around for new homes to be completed you can spend time moving into your new property while making worthwhile improvements at the same time as getting ready for the move ahead of schedule.

When Planning a Garage Conversion always Remember…

There are no rules when it comes to renovating what was once just a parking spot for your car, so try to think about what you need most and does your new garage layout meet those requirements? Critical factors which need consideration before beginning work include privacy, lighting and ventilation as well as safety.

To get the best out a garage conversion, it is important not to forget any of these three key elements, especially when deciding where to put windows or doors - if there are already some present then try and avoid moving them or blocking them off completely. It may even be worthwhile keeping the old window frames rather than replacing them with new ones.

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