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Furniture Delivery: Turn Your House
Into a Vacation Home

Do you have a home that you don’t use often and would like to put it into profitable use? Have you considered turning it into a vacation home? With the current changes in the vacation rental industry, most vacationers now prefer staying in a rented vacation home rather than a hotel. They believe that staying in a vacation home gives a homely feeling away from home. Perhaps, this would be an ideal opportunity to turn your idle house into a profitable venture.

However, there is more in turning your house into a vacation home than just removing your essentials and posting some photos on an online site. Depending on the current condition of your house, you may need to renovate, repaint and furnish it to meet the prevailing market standards. If you have plans of venturing into this lucrative business but do not know where to start, here are some guiding tips to help you.

5 Tips on How to Turn Your House into a Vacation Home

Below are some guiding tips that you may adopt if you want to turn your house into a profitable vacation rental home:

Acquire the Necessary Permits

Before you start renting out your home to vacationers, ensure that you comply with the laid down standards. You should get permits and licences as per your respective city or state laws. Depending on your availability, you may handle this process on your own or hire a vacation rental manager. The vacation rental manager is more conversant with the vacation industry and will be in a better position to undertake the process. The manager also has the role of helping you acquire all the necessary documentation, schedule inspections, and handle all the tax procedures.

Prepare the House

You need to put your house into a marketable state that will attract vacationers. Here, you may consider renovating or repainting and upgrading your furniture. Most guests staying in your home wish to find a neat, modern home located in a serene environment. You may also hire housekeeping and landscaping services to help give your house the desired look. Additionally, get two full sets of beddings and enough toiletries for enhanced convenience. When decorating your home, ensure that the décor rhymes with the surrounding. For example, if it’s a beach house, ensure that the décor has some rich beach aspects.

Upgrade the Furniture

The furniture in your house says a lot to the guests. It may either attract or turn away the vacationers. Avoid getting a second hand or thrift furniture that may not be appealing to your guests. No matter how well you prepare your house for the vacation rental business, a poor choice of furniture may end up being a deal-breaker. Therefore, consider investing in classy modern furniture that will add a touch of class to your home. However, do not go to the extreme end when it comes to your furniture choice because you will have to change it more often.

Additionally, get furniture with reduced wear and tear, and one which is easy to clean and maintain. You may buy your furniture of choice online or from local stores. For deliveries, go for a reliable furniture courier company that will safely deliver your furniture.

Take Quality Photographs

After acquiring the necessary documentation, preparing and cleaning your house, the next step is to find vacationers. Most vacationers find their rental homes online, which means you should list your home on a trusted online site. Therefore, ensure the photos you take should be high quality and compelling. If you do not have a good camera, or are not skilled enough, consider hiring a professional photographer to handle your photography needs.

Write a Description

Read through some of the top-rated listings on the site you intend to use. Get an idea of what a successful listing entails and write a compelling description of your home and the amenities it offers. Again, if you do not possess the necessary writing skills, hire a professional writer. A poorly drafted description may ruin your business. Therefore, ensure that it is correctly and professionally written. Be sure to mention details such as proximity to landmarks, pet friendliness and neighbourhood walkability.


Depending on your availability, you may manage the rental process or hire a professional vacation rental manager - check here for Seabrook Island Vacation Rental, for example. Remember to formulate rules to govern the guests staying in your home and come up with favourable rental terms. Additionally, screen your guests thoroughly because inviting strangers into your home, though a lucrative business, can be a risky affair. Turn your idle house into a profitable vacation rental home by adopting the above simple tips.

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