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Frameless Mirrors for Home Gyms, Spas & Fitness Centers

Installing a frameless mirror for your home gym, spas, or fitness center can really improve the looks of the space and enhance your workout routine. When your gym space is well arranged and beautified, you’d like to be there as much as you can. To help you achieve this, there is nothing better than installing a sleek frameless mirror and bringing out the cheek of the space.

If you run a fitness center or a spa and you don’t have sleek looking mirrors for the girls to check themselves out with, then your business is going nowhere. These mirrors will give your business a touch of difference and keep customers rolling in. if you can afford it, go for big mirrors with lighting and see how it will change the look of your spa or fitness center into something unique. If you still have doubts about this mirror, continue reading this write-up and am sure you’d be totally convinced at the end of this article.

Why are frameless mirrors always used in fitness centers instead of framed mirrors?

frameless mirrors

If you’re planning on installing a mirror for your home gym, spa, or fitness center, the first thing you will have to decide is buying a frameless or framed mirror. This might not seem like a huge decision, but whether you go for a frameless or framed mirror, it will make a significant impact on the feel and looks of the space. For fitness centers, the flameless ones are the best pick and not the framed ones – here is why:

Modern appeal: As a fitness center owner, you have to be current in terms of trends. These days, mirrors without frames is the new cool because of the kind of aesthetic modern look it brings to the room. Mirrors without frames look like they’re floating and it will surely be a thing of owing to your customers. To further bring out the beauty of this mirror, you can add lighting around it and always make sure it is clean at all times.

frameless mirrors

Less expensive than the framed ones: The frameless ones are less expensive while often still more stylish, funny isn’t it? The type frames that come with some framed mirrors are more expensive than the mirror itself. Why spend more money on the framed ones when you can get the frameless ones at cheaper rates with more benefits for your fitness center.

Easier to clean and carry: because of the frames, the framed mirrors might be a little more difficult to keep clean than the mirrors without frames. Dirt can hide under the frames without you knowing and some framed mirrors are framed with cousins which are very difficult to clean when dirty. But frameless mirrors, all these hassles are non-existent. 

The framed mirrors are also heavier to transport as some of them are made with heavy frames like metals and woods. The frameless ones are much easier to transport therefore reducing the risk of breakage.

How to keep large frameless mirrors clean?

frameless mirrors

You don’t want customers to come into your spa or fitness center and see your mirrors dirty, it shows you’re not serious with your business. You may be cleaning your mirrors every morning but it still doesn’t look nice. This is because you’re not using the right cleaning methods and materials. Here are the best cleaning methods and materials you can use to keep your mirror sparkling.

White vinegar: mix a cup of white vinegar and four cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixed solution on your mirror and wipe down gently.

frameless mirrors

Borax: mix two spoons of borax and 3 cups of water. Deep a clean sponge in the mixture and apply it to your mirror to eliminate stains. Wipe down gently and dry completely.

Rubbing alcohol and dishwashing soap: mix one cup of rubbing alcohol and one cup of dishwashing soap in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture gently on your mirror and wipe down using a microfiber cloth.

If you have tried the above remedies and your mirror is still dirty then you need to try something stronger. Get window cleaning products from a store near you, spray a little on your mirror and wipe down using a soft cotton cloth. Then dry clean the mirror with a microfiber towel.

Frameless mirrors specifications ideal for gym, spa, yoga or fitness center?

frameless mirrors

The mirror specification for your gym, spa, yoga or fitness center should be taken into consideration to get the best out of the mirror. For instance, in terms of thickness and strength, the type of mirrors used in the bathroom should be different from the type used for gyms. You can use a light mirror for your bathroom but for your gym, you should get a mirror that doesn’t shatter easily because of the heavy materials used at the gym. Here is the correct specification for your gym mirror.

  • Safety: shatterproof and impact resistant
  • Shape: rectangle
  • Clarity: ultra-clear mirror
  • Composition: low-iron glass and lead-free
  • Thickness: (1/8" Low Iron Mirror + 1/8" Clear Glass) 1/4"(6mm)
  • Edge finishes: flat polished

How are mirrors for fitness centers different from ordinary mirrors at home?

frameless mirrors

Home mirrors differ greatly from home mirrors in many ways; from size, strength, to aesthetics home mirrors and gym mirrors are different.

Gym mirrors should be large so you can see yourself in the mirror no matter where you are at the gym. However, for home mirrors, the size of the mirror depends on you. Your mirror can be small or big it doesn’t matter but for a gym mirror, your mirror must be huge.

Gym mirrors are made with shatterproof materials to further strengthen the mirror. Because of the type of equipment used in the gym, it is only wise to use shatterproof mirrors so the mirror doesn’t shatter into pieces when broken - to avoid injuries. For home mirrors, this is not an important consideration as you can go with any type of mirror you want.

Final thoughts

For your gym, spa, and fitness centers, a frameless mirror is definitely a better pick to framed mirrors. From aesthetics to sleekness, there are a lot of reasons why you should go with mirrors without frames than the ones with frames.

Fab Glass and Mirror can hook you up with the best frameless mirrors for your spa, home gym, and fitness center. At Fab Glass and Mirror, you’re guaranteed nothing less than top quality mirrors and guess what? We offer free delivery to US residents. Give us a call now and let’s help you transform the look of your gym or spa to something classy.

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