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5 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

Many of us aspire to a spotless kitchen. We try - but no matter how hard we do, we must do it all over again. Wipe down the countertops. Mop the floors. Clean the appliances. We wish that it were only that easy. However, if you do want truly a pristine kitchen, then there are going to be things you have to do. The thing is, it has to be something you have to do daily. Good thing, though: these will pay off! 

Here are some tips that can help! 

Fill Gaps

Firstly, you need to fill in the gaps. Are you waiting for the kettle to boil? Or waiting for something to cook? You can close the gap by keeping yourself busy. That way, you get more things done. You can wipe down kitchen surfaces, appliances, and cupboards' fronts. It can save you a lot of time and effort for the big cleaning drills you must run. 

You can also spray the surface of your dirty surface with a solution from distilled white vinegar. Afterward, you can wipe it down with a microfibre or clean cloth doused in warm water or soaked in detergent and then wring it out. 

Cutlery dispensers can be a good friend if you are in the food service industry on the other hand. They remove the gaps. And they make getting utensils easier and with less hassle! 

Remove Sink Gunk

Next up is to remove the sink gunk. Don’t you own a pan scraper set yet? Invest in one immediately! After that, once you have them, you can dedicate about 2-3 for scraping off burned gunk off your pots and pans. Another one will also be used for kitchen cleaning!

Get your scraper, and then remove the stink and gunk around the edges of your kitchen faucet and sink. Just be careful not to scrape away the caulk. The bamboo pan scraper can detach weeks’ worth of gunk in just one swipe, too! 

Gross but satisfying? We sure think so! 

Clean Under Your Refrigerator

Remember your refrigerator! The locale is the front edge of your fridge, where the appliance kisses the floor. That part of the fridge gathers dirt, crumbs, fur, and whatever else as debris gets pushed into the crevice. 

You can give it a quick vacuum with the nozzle of your appliance, then use a damp cloth to wipe it. 

Soak Dirty Dishes

The washing can feel constant, a task that never ends. It might be tempting to leave things lying around but trust me, that is terrible for your mental health, your body, and your peace of mind. Also, yes, it is fine to leave your dishes in the sink and soak them with water as you also run the tap for other things. It is a good idea. It can help prevent food from sticking and solidifying. 

Cut a Corner From the Sponge

Lastly, cut the corner from the sponge. You can use that bit to wipe down walls. It can also help you track which one to clean dishes with or wipe down the walls. 

Wrapping Up

Cleaning is an unfortunate task. Trust us, though, if done right, it can be a good one. Put on the happy music and your materials - and get some alone time. Happy cleaning! 


Author’s Bio:

Rosette is known for advocating a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why on her free days, she spends her time writing about sustainability efforts and other ways to help the environment thrive and heal at a time of drastic climate change.

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