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Finding the Best Canadian Seed Banks

Purchasing seeds has become a lot easier today than it was a few years ago. In the past years, there were only a few places selling seeds. Customers did not have much of a choice to choose from the best. Things are different now. Today there are numerous establishments selling seeds. The customer is at advantage due to the presence of a wide range of seed banks.

Every seed bank offers numerous incentives to its customers. On the other hand, customers are at ease because they have a variety of products. They can choose the best seed bank for them. Green’s list of Canadian Seed Banks mentions some of the seed banks in Canada that offer a competitive edge to the whole industry.

Some Canadian Seed Banks at Top of The List

As we know there are numerous seed banks in the country today. Green’s list of Canadian Seed Banks will help you find the best seed bank for you. You can check out all the seed banks mentioned below. 

  • Crop King Seeds

The reason Crop King Seeds sits at top of the list is that it is considered a pioneer in the seeds industry that tends to follow the latest trend. Crop King Seeds never disappoints its customers when it comes to seed quality and reliability. They always deliver the products earlier than expected. Payments can be made through PayPal, Credit Cards, and Money Orders. This seed bank is so in line with the latest trends that it accepts transactions in Bitcoins.

  • Dr. Greenthumb Seed Bank

Dr. Greenthumb Seed Bank is considered a veteran in terms of seed banks. The seed bank started the business more than twenty-five years ago. Years of hands-on experience makes it one of the best seed banks in the country. Green’s list of Canadian Seed Banks talks about the seed banks providing high-quality seeds with prior experience, and this seed bank is one of them. This seed bank proudly refers to its award-winning strain.

  • Homegrown Co. Seed Bank

Homegrown does not have an experience of decades when it comes to seed cultivation. It is a newcomer in the industry but always impresses to provide the best quality of seeds. Customers are highly satisfied with its services. It is the reason this seed bank is included in Green’s list of Canadian Seed Banks. Some other services that distinguish it from other seed banks are:

  1. You will get free delivery of your seeds on an order of $100 or above.
  2. You can have your seeds replaced if they do not germinate.
  3. Their customer support on phone is available instead of emails.
  • True North Seed Bank

True North provides reliable seeds that are of high worth after germination. They provide feminized seeds to the customers. These seeds have high-quality strains. The reason it stands in Green’s list of Canadian Seed Banks is that True North offers discrete shipping.

  • Grower’s Choice Seeds

With experience of decades, this company provides the best quality till this day. Grower’s Choice retains its existing customers and adds new ones due to extensive customer service. They ship to all US states to broaden the consumer market. They also free seeds through their newsletter.

These are some seed banks that come at top of Green’s list of Canadian Seed Banks. Try any of these seed banks that fits best to your needs.

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