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How to Achieve Feng Shui in Your Townhome

feng shui townhome

Spring often leads to cleaning out our living spaces. We feel a sense of rejuvenation and excited with the fresh, warm air. It is the perfect time to think about how you can add Feng Shui design principles into your new townhome to attract more positive energy. We’ve put together a list of 5 DIY tips you can do to add Feng Shui to your home.

Location of Your Bed

In the study of Feng Shui, commanding position is often referred to. The bed, being one of the most important pieces of furniture in your entire home, deserves a commanding position. Many passive hours are spent in your bed. To place your bed in a commanding position in your room, place it facing the door, but not directly in line with the door. Ideally, it would be diagonal across from the door.

Clean All of Your Windows

With windows symbolizing so much in Feng Shui, cleaning your windows is a great place to focus your attention. With clean windows, you can symbolically open your eyes to experience more of the world, and it brightens your entire space. Grab some old newspaper, a mixture of water and vinegar, and get your windows sparkling clean.

Keep the Bathroom Door Closed

In Feng Shui, water represents our wealth. Since water exits our home in the bathroom, it’s a best practice to keep the door closed to not allow any additional energy, or wealth, being flushed away unnecessarily.

Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Ideally, there would be no space above the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets would reach the ceiling in the perfect Feng Shui design. However, this just isn’t possible for every situation. The good news is there is an easy adjustment for Feng Shui. Add plants to the top of cabinets to bring life to the area instead of dust collecting, chi wasting, empty space.

Decorate in Pairs

When decorating with your relationship in mind, which is a Feng Shui design principle, opt for decorating in pairs. In the area you want to represent your relationship, often the further back corner of your home, decorate in pairs. This can be a loveseat instead of a couch, or two photos instead of one or three, or this can even be one photo of two items in it.

Spring is often represented with new beginnings. Add Feng Shui to your modern apartment home or townhome this spring to revitalize, reimagine, and reorganize your home. It can be simple, effective, and fun.

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