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About Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring

Below we've answered your most popular questions about hybrid flooring.

Question 1: Is it possible to lay my hybrid planks over ceramic tiles?

One of the best selling points of hybrid flooring is that it's a floating system which means it can be laid over existing ceramic tiles if they are:

  • Flat
  • Not dipping
  • Not broken
  • Have not lipping
  • Grout joints aren't too deep

It can also be laid over cork, vinyl and timber floor as well.

Question 2: Will my hybrid floors contract and expand?

Compared to other types of flooring, hybrid planks have less expansion because of being made from a combination of PVC mixed with powdered limestone.

Question 3: Do I need to use an underlay when laying my hybrid floors?

Due to the several layers of hybrid planks, an underlay is not essential to the installation process. Most already have acoustic baking but be sure to confirm this before going through the installation process.

Question 4: Will I need skirting for my completed floor?

Yes, you will need either skirting or beading to use around the perimeters of your laid hybrid floor.

Question 5: Will I need trim for completed hybrid floors?

There are two instances when you will require trim; when it meets another flooring type and if there is a difference in the subfloor height.

Question 6: Is frame cutting required for my hybrid floor?

When installing your hybrid flooring, you will be required to cut the base of a standard door frame for a seamless process.

Question 7: Will I be required to prepare a subfloor?

Apart from ensuring a smooth surface and filling any imperfections, little subfloor preparation is required. The better preparation you do, the better overall outcome and a finish you will achieve. A seamless result will help you avoid any future issues.

Question 8: Will my hybrid flooring planks be waterproof?

Yes, hybrid planks are waterproof. They are further protected by skirting or beading around the perimeter when laid. It's essential to be mindful that liquid could seep through any gaps and cause mould. Mopping liquid off the floor is always a good practice to help protect your hybrid floors.

Question 9: Can I replace hybrid flooring easily?

While it requires a professional to replace any flooring for you, it is relatively simple because of the locking system. There is little disruption to your floor because one plank can be replaced rather than whole large sections. Removing skirting and beading first, then work row by row until you reach your damaged area and replace the board.

Have any further questions about hybrid floors? Ask our flooring expert team for answers.

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