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4 Expert Lighting Tips for your Garden

By Sophia D. Hope

1. Solar Driveway Lights

Lighting your driveway is a fantastic way to bring an extra level of design to your home. With simple solar lights you can line your driveway and provide your home with both a functional and decorative way to light up the exterior of your home.

Taking this a step further, if you have flower beds that line both sides of your driveway, the solar lighting will brighten those flowers to be visible during the night time as well as the day. Solar wind spinners also help to have beautiful vibrant flowers visible at all times. Another added benefit to using solar powered lights, is that you will not need to worry about running cables and plugging additional items into the electrical source of your home. Solar lights help to reduce your energy bills simply by using sunlight to power and recharge themselves.

This type of lighting is also quite popular when used in areas of your back yard. Most of these solar powered lights can turn themselves on when the sun goes down and off when the sun rises. Light up your favorite trees, walkways, and other plants with little to no hassle. They are easily removable and can be placed anywhere around your home.

2. Electric Lighting

Should you decide that electric garden lighting will work best for your home, it is important to begin the planning stages of how much cable you will need before you begin. Your garden will undoubtedly grow over time, which means that the location of where you are planning to install your lights should be able to adjust over time as well.

While electrical lighting poses a little more difficult during the installation process, as you likely have to be aware of which outlets you will be able to use, and where you will line your cables so as to prevent and issues or damage to your lighting down the line.

Concealing your light sources behind shrubs, trees, or even under decorative rocks could be a great option for your home.

3. Submerged Lighting

Another popular lighting method is to purchase submerged lights for your home. These types of lights are placed at ground level and face directly upwards. They are great for lighting up pillars out front or even very tall trees.

These lights do require a little more elbow grease to install but the end result is truly remarkable.

4. Landscape Lighting

If you have spent money in investing in your landscaping then it is most certainly worth your while to be able to enjoy that landscaping during the evening hours as well. Using landscape lighting correctly creates a gorgeous dramatic effect that can be enjoyed when you have family and friends over. If you happen to have a pool in your backyard, landscape lighting can even increase the use of your backyard area as well as your pool during warm summer nights.

Without lighting your backyard you truly lose time spent outside during get together. There is nothing better than being able to open up your backdoor, enjoying your patio, and grilling out even after the sun goes down.

Hopefully, these tips can help you decide which type of lighting is best for your home. For new homeowners that are thinking about spending money on landscaping and creating pathways to the front lawn and backyard, it is worth the extra research and investment in installing lighting that gives your home the extra functionality during night time hours.

About the Author:
Sophia D. Hope - is a gardener and outdoor enthusiast. She writes about gardening, healthy lifestyle and related product reviews. She shares creative and affordable ways to DIY and DECORATE a yard and garden.
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