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Key Tips for Evaporative Cooling Service and Maintenance

Evaporative Cooling Service

Evaporative cooling systems are seen as a popular choice for those who want a cost-effective cooling solution. The market is flooded with brands that offer efficient cooling systems, and if we have to make a pick, then Braemar is a brand that many people in Australia trust. It manufactures the best cooling system. Here is what makes Braemar evaporative cooling system so popular are:

Efficient Airflow

The reason that Braemar is so popular is that it offers efficient cooling. As per the claims of the company, it provides 25% more cooling than its contemporaries. This is because of the aerodynamic Stealth® Fan in the cooling system. This is responsible for the efficient cooling of the entire room. 

Purity And Coolness

Another factor that makes this system popular is that this cooler provides pure and cool air. These coolers come with an added water absorption system, which makes cooling more effective. The coolers are loaded with several features, including the self-cleaning one, and with this, Braemar evaporative cooling service and maintenance become easier and faster.

Controls And Ducts

Technological intervention has simplified our lives; we have seen it enhance functionality, thereby making human life simpler. These coolers come with a touch control system, and it also has an automatic draining and drying process, which makes these coolers a perfect choice for your room. 

Evaporative Cooling Service

How Does Braemar Evaporative Cooling Service At Home?

Regular servicing of the cooler ensures its longevity and optimal performance. It also guarantees that the cooler is working at its best ad there will be no malfunctioning. If you are unsure about it, then you must consider calling up Braemar evaporative cooling service technician. Six monthly cleaning and servicing of the cooler are good enough to maintain its optimum performance.

Here is what you can do at home:

  • Clean the Pads - With the continuous use of evaporative coolers, there can be dust deposition and mineral deposition on the pad. This may clog the pores, which impacts the circulation of water, and hence the cooling will get affected. To avoid this situation, you can clean the cooling pads with water and allow them to sun-dry completely. If the mineral build-up is strong, you can also use water, vinegar, and baking soda solution. Soak the cooling pads in it and allow it to sit there for an hour. Next, take it out and wash it under the running water. Allow the cooling pad to dry completely before you put it back. 
  • Change the Cooling Pads - Apart from the motor of the cooling system, it is the cooling pad that plays an important role in defining the functionality and efficacy of the system. Hence, you must see if the cooling pad has worn out, then you must change the cooling pad. The change of these pads will be able to enhance the working as your cooler will start to work like a new one. 
  • Check the Motor and Wiring - The next important aspect of the Braemar evaporative cooling service is to check the functioning of the motor and wiring. If there is a broken or worn-out wire, then you must immediately change it. If you notice an unusual sound from the evaporative cooler, then you must call a technician who can repair it or change it if required. 

This is the mini guide on evaporative cooling service and maintenance of this will help ensure the seamless functioning of the evaporative cooler. These coolers are designed to provide efficient cooling, and with regular upkeep and maintenance, your cooler is going to run efficiently in the long run. 

Evaporative Cooling Service
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