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8 Most Essential Locksmith Tools Kit and Their Use

Tools kit is the best friend of every locksmith of the world and indeed of a Serrurier Bruxelles. The right tools kit ensures that the locksmith can complete his work faster and easier.

Although every worker is unique and follows their approach, locksmith tools kit can contain some standard and convenient tools. Their job is very magical, the way locksmiths open locks with their magic wands, the tools. Locksmiths tools are essential, and there are standard tools that every locksmith should have.

Locksmith Tools Kit

The locksmith industry is a continuously growing industry across the world. Locksmiths must go through intensive training so that they can help you ensure your safety. Their knowledge is essential to unlock doors or maybe install a new lock system.

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Tools are crucial in a locksmiths’ life. To be able to work efficiently and effectively, every locksmith tools kit should contain some conventional equipment. Here is a list of some tools that will come handy in almost every situation...

1. Lock Pick Gun

A lock pick gun helps the locksmiths to pick locks with just a few click of the gun. The tool is very efficient and makes the work faster. However, the gun may not be easy to use. But it is undoubtedly a tool for an experienced and reputed locksmith who gets a lot of calls for work.

2. A Hook Pick

This tool is widespread among every locksmith of the planet. The tool is quite simple to function. This widely common tool is used to pick a lock. Whenever there is a missing key or the lock does not operate with its own key, the hook pick can be used to open locks quickly.

Every lock comes in different sizes and shapes. So, hook picks have different sizes and shapes according to the type of lock to be picked.

3. A Jackknife Pick

This small tool is convenient when it comes to picking inside locks. They are tiny in size and consist of 4 to 5 picks of different sizes and shapes. If you lose the key to your bathroom or kitchen, locksmiths can use a jackknife pick to open those locks easily.

4. Torsion Wrenches

This tool is a must-have in every locksmith tools kit. It is not only handy but also a great equipment to change the entire lock of the door. A torsion wrench can serve many purposes. For instance, it can remove every pin from a bolt.

Moreover, torsion wrenches can open the entire lock. So, it is advantageous to remove the lock and to install a new and better one in its place.

5. Key Extractor

In most case scenarios, a locksmith is called to extract a broken key from inside the lock. This is very usual in our everyday life. A key extractor can help in this situation easily. This tool can remove the broken key from the lock without breaking or destroying the lock.

6. Plug Spinner

This tool is again, another must-have for every locksmith. It is essential to rotate the lock in the right direction to pick the lock. If the lock is somehow picked in the wrong direction, the locksmith will have to re-rotate from the beginning. This delays the work and makes things very frustrating. The plug spinner can make the job easier and faster.

When the plug spinner is inserted into the lock, it rotates the lock cylinder so fast that the lock can be picked very quickly.

7. Key Duplication Machine

Duplicate machinery for keys is probably the most common tool in every locksmith tools kit. The lost key, broken key, jammed lock, and many more problems can be solved with a duplicate key. And it is not only limited for households only.

This machine can duplicate car keys, office, or home door keys within minutes. A highly skilled locksmith will have key duplicated machinery in his arsenal for sure.

8. Jiffy-Jak

This tool is very handy in picking a car or any automobile door locks. It has become ubiquitous to lose your car keys and get locked out of the vehicle. This tool is used by locksmiths to open any car door, be it manual or auto.

However, the tool is not capable of unlocking a car door; it merely creates a gap between the car and the door. After a gap is formed, locksmiths use a simple long reach tool to unlock the car door. This tool does not leave any scratch mark on your car door.


A certified locksmith uses all these tools in their everyday services. Nevertheless, every locksmith tools kit should possess these enlisted tools. They are a must and can make the job a lot easier and faster for locksmiths. Also, a locksmith should use the tools with care and efficiency.

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