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7 Essential Features to Look For in Waterproofing Companies

Waterproofing Companies

Going by industry estimates, around 14 000 U.S. citizens experience water damage emergencies, and 98% of the U.S. basements suffer from some kind of water damage yearly. Water damage costs are more staggering than the frequency, costing the insurance industry $2.5 billion per year, with the average insurance claim cost due to water damage being $6 965.

Water leaks further cause water damage of up to 1 trillion gallons a year in the U.S., equivalent to the yearly water usage of Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles combined. Initially tiny, these water leaks may generate huge damage over time, making it crucial to prevent them by using the services of a waterproofing company.

But considering several of these companies are operating, finding the right one can get difficult. So, here are seven important features you must consider to make the right choice:

1. Reputation

Reports say that 26% of properties in Philadelphia are at risk of flood. So, finding the best waterproofing companies philadelphia is crucial to ensure property owners get top-quality services and remain protected. While searching, you may encounter several claims to offer a better range of facilities and services.

So, to make the best choice, first look at their reputation. Know what the customers talk about the company and go through its positive and negative feedback to get clarity about its service quality and the areas where it has improved over the years.

Further, online review websites can be valuable when researching waterproofing companies in Philadelphia. Most businesses also share testimonials on their sites, but impartial online reviews on different sites will better reflect the company’s service quality and work ethics.

Go for sites featuring reviews from verified customers in specified locations and find searches for several companies in Philadelphia.

One or two negative reviews should not be a deal-breaker but avoid those attracting much negative attention. Also, check the company’s portfolio to ensure its qualification and whether it can offer the best waterproofing solutions. This detailed evaluation will help you decide when choosing the best waterproofing company in Philadelphia.

Waterproofing Companies

2. Credentials: Insurance, Certification, and License

You may well know the significance of credentials when choosing service providers. The same applies to waterproofing companies as well. Ensure your preferred waterproofing company is qualified and certified to conduct high-quality waterproofing.

Check documents, like licenses to ensure the local government has allowed the business to offer waterproofing solutions. Licensing is also important because unlicensed companies may lack proper training or offer substandard services.

Some waterproofing projects require a local building permit, and the inspector on-site may stop work if the contractor does not have proper licenses.

Next, go through the company’s insurance cover, both general liability and worker’s compensation, so you won’t be liable for mishaps happening to its workers. Also, check for performance bonds and ensure your preferred waterproofing company has one so you will be compensated when the contractor does not meet the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Make sure all the company credentials are current when examining them. Checking for licenses, bonding, and insurance takes just a few minutes and offers more reassurance that the company in question is reputable and reliable.

3. Experience Matters

Research how long the company has been in business and how much experience and knowledge it possesses in waterproofing. Learning more about their track record will help ensure the company offers higher quality services and better customer service than others in the same market.

The number of years a company has been in business is a good determinant of its quality. Such companies will know how to correct improper work or address unexpected problems.

Waterproofing Companies

4. Check for Warranties

Waterproofing services can be expensive, and you cannot afford to pay for poor-quality services. Ensure your belongings and property are protected by choosing a company that offers warranties on its services and products. Find waterproofing companies with transferable lifetime warranties on their services so you may take up their work confidently without worrying about prices.

You can relax because the company is financially responsible for damage to your home. Also, consider companies that offer pricing estimates so you can compare the prices with those in the market and choose accordingly.

5. Specialization

Waterproofing companies require a specific skill set, and selecting one specializing in these procedures can help ensure superior quality work. A skilled waterproofing company will be aware of all factors influencing the result, and those who do this regularly will have the right experience and knowledge to minimize potential issues.

Ensure your chosen waterproofing company can take good care of all aspects of the job, including problems like foundation repairs and mold testing if required.

6. Know the Company’s Inspection Procedure

Enquiring about the company’s inspection procedure is crucial, as most companies in this field also provide free inspections and estimates. Always choose experts with profound knowledge of the minutest effects of a wet basement, like musty smells and warped floors. Ensure they inspect everything inside-out carefully, including the subfloor bottom.

Waterproofing Companies

7. Proper Infrastructure

Also, ensure the waterproofing company you are going for has the proper infrastructure, tools, and equipment to carry out their services effectively. Companies with lean staff and basic equipment may not offer the required service level for efficient waterproofing.

Always choose waterproofing companies with professional equipment and sufficient manpower to handle all issues that may arise during waterproofing.


So, there you go! These seven essential features will help you choose a reliable waterproofing company. And once you end up making the right choice, you will find saving big on waterproofing expenses.

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