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6 Ways to Enjoy a Weekend at Home

Weekend at Home

From the moment that the Monday morning work week begins, there is a little ticking clock that begins to count out the time until Friday's shift of employment ends and the weekend begins.

The excitement of having the pocket of at least 48 hours to customize your schedule and put a pause on the pre-constructed days of earning a living that we are all thankful to have.

How shall we celebrate another week, whether it consists of reporting to an office, attending classrooms, or taking care of lovely offspring?

Many times when the weekends show up at our doorstep, our Saturdays and Sundays can get caught up in a sudden feeling like we are either missing out on what everyone else must be doing or not enough awesome options to turn our spontaneous time into something we can proudly speak about on Monday morning.

Have no fear, because now you will have six ways to enjoy a weekend at home without having to make last-minute reservations that are already booked up.

Reconnect with Your Hobbies

When was the last time you pulled out that incredible keyboard that you got as a gift for your birthday years back and played some of those mysterious melodies that bounce around in your imagination?

Haven't you been telling people for years that you are writing your first novel that has been taking up space on your laptop?

You have been longing to spend an entire afternoon painting when you finally have enough time to commit to it.

Are you not much of a writer but more of a reader? Pull out the hardcover copy that you sit next to all the other ones that you were thrilled to purchase on the release day but forgot all about when it came to committing to reading the words written inside. Get yourself comfy with blanks, cushions, beautiful lighting, some delectable wine, and let your brain wander through the story.

Make this the weekend that you stay home, and instead of hanging out with your friends that get you inspired to reconnect to your own creativity because they are knee-deep in theirs, create something wonderful that would have never existed unless you constructed it with your own two hands.

Domestic Projects

Take the time this weekend to give yourself an achievable goal that will reward you with results that will make being at home even more enjoyable, such as a gardening project in your backyard to get those fruits and vegetables growing.

Have your house smelling like a glorious garden of floral fragrances by planting your very own flowers to brighten up your domestic environment.

Are there rooms in your house that give you a gloomy vibe or haven't looked any different in 20 years?

Get yourself some color schemes together and repaint those spaces with some visually-stimulating colors that you will enjoy.

Are there any elements of your home that have become eyesores, such as a rusted fence or an appliance that have been in need of some tender and loving care to get them restored?

What if you have just moved into a new home, and the full extent of your decorating has been to just leave not-so-necessary items in the same boxes that they arrived in during the move?

Get your living quarters together and finally get organized so that you are comfortable enough to finally invite family and friends over to see your new place.

If you are in desperate need of new furniture or help to shift around the furniture that you already own to make your house look like a home, call over some friends that will work for delicious food and adult beverages, and spend some quality time with them to get everything fixed up this weekend.

Romantic Weekend

Make this the weekend that you invite your significant other for more than one evening and spend Friday night, all of Saturday, and Sunday afternoon together for a romantic weekend at your home.

Get the best jazz albums of all time playing incredible music on your record player, get some of that champagne that you only pull out on New Year's Eve, and get ready to catch up on the new movies on Netflix.

Have a Game Night

How hilarious would it be to have all of your friends dress up in outrageous rave outfits and have a private party with the music you all grew up listening to, a bunch of sugary snacks that go against every nutritional rule that your health regimens have subscribed to you, and have a nostalgic old school game night?

No, there will not be any Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox action taking place on your television with video games keeping all of your friends isolated by only being able to have two people playing at a time.

It is time to pull out those board games like Monopoly and Sorry, card games like Uno, and even interactive activities like Charades and make some new memories this Saturday night at home.

Grown-up Slumber Party

If you have been feeling lonely, you have been camped out at home in your pregnancy PJs, and dressing like you just got out of bed because you are a responsible mother-to-be, break yourself out of your comfort zone this weekend and have a grown-up slumber party with your close friends.

Pull out all of the old photo albums, even the low-key embarrassing pictures from your school yearbooks.

You can even pamper each other and get your nails done, along with pedicures and massages if everyone is comfortable with that, of course.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should serve any alcohol because what is the point of getting tempted by a glass of rum that you aren't allowed to drink because you are pregnant?

Try New Recipes

Get fancy and invite your family members over this Sunday to a wonderful home-cooked meal with all-new recipes that you have been gathering and meaning to cook for your loved ones.

Set the mood with fish eggs and caviar, washed down with wonderful wine and cheeses, and stimulating conversation to treat those special people in your life to some special treats from your own kitchen.

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