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4 End of Lease Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

End of Lease Cleaning

Out with the old, in with the new. A saying that applies perfectly for when you are getting a new place. Clean slate, fresh piece of paper, new beginnings, and all that. The first image that people get when you mention moving to them is one with piles of boxes, stuff laying everywhere, lots of manual labour and hassle. It doesn't have to be that way, and moving can be a simple step on your ladder of success. Something that's done in no time, as you transition from wherever you are to something much better, hopefully.

1. Green moving

Everyone has heard of the green movement, but you can also make your moving process part of it. Since you now have to move all of your items from point A to point B you can get a comprehensive overview of your belongings. By doing so, you can probably realise that you don't need one hundred per cent of them. All of those items can now have better use and, you can even earn something in the process.

Electronics that were hogging up the place and have nothing to do for you anymore can be recycled, old papers and cardboard (especially after the moving) can join the recycling process, as well. Letting go of some items can be hard, but in the end, it makes your moving process that much easier. If nothing else, it's the perfect metaphor for moving on.

2. Ask for help

You are only one person, and there is so much that you can do at any given moment. Moving mountains sounds grand and dandy in theory but, in practice, is often disappointing. When you hear the horror tales of people that were moving, it often has the word "exhausted" associated with them. Here, one simple browse thru your name book can make all the difference in the world. Having an extra set of hands helping out with anything that might occur is always welcome, and pizza is custom, at this point.

One item often overlooked is, making sure the place is the same as when you first got it. Paperwork can often be much harder than manual work, and leases tend to be complicated, to say the least, things for tenants. Reaching out to professional and experienced moving services make all that go away. If you factor in the time, money, and effort that you need to put into moving versus someone else doing it, you will see the advantage of outsourcing the entire moving procedure. Not to mention that your deposit may be at stake, so it is worth asking for professional help.

3. Organise, plan, overcome

Wanting to do everything instantly and, all the while balancing several plates in the air, is a quick way to a disaster. While moving may seem messy at first, there is a method to this madness that has befallen you, so a level-headed approach is necessary. Just picking up a broom and going left and right only helps in spreading dirt and whatnot. You need to start working on the back rooms and then work towards the entrance so that you don't drag dirt around.

Always start cleaning from higher places to lower ones. Cleaning in such situations is always a two-part, as you will always want to clean your furniture (so the dirt doesn't spread) and then clean the space it once occupied. To help you manage all of this, there are plenty of free cleaning and planning apps out there.

4. Deconstruct

Massive objects like tables, closets, sofas and similar occupy loads of space and, there are plenty of items stuck beneath them. Who even knows what forgotten treasures you will find beneath? While we brushed on the subject of cleaning, these items also impose a challenge of their own when moving. Large, bulky and difficult to handle, they can put a full stop to your moving and cleaning process. The best way to handle this is to dismantle them. While it may sound drastic, such objects are usually easy to disassemble, and by doing so, you will suddenly have ample moving space, easier transport and cleaning.

Starting any new process can be daunting at first. Taking that first step and bit by bit you will soon be able to see the fruits of your labour manifest before you. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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