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How to Eliminate Pesky Spots for Crystal Clear Windows

Crystal Clear Windows

Cleaning is an everyday task, and if done the right way will help improve the general appearance and durability of the things we use. While it is obvious that cleaning is a pedestrian activity carried out on a daily basis, it might be important to stress that choosing the right cleaning materials for your window goes a long way toward avoiding those annoying streaks after cleaning. Imagine the whole effort that goes into cleaning only to end up disappointed.

As we are all used to hearing the almost banal statement “cleanliness is next to godliness,” which seem to pop up just about anywhere personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness are being discussed, having some dirt on the outside of your building or offices can be overlooked, but customers will not understand when they are greeted by pesky spots on your window on their very first visit. You will agree that this can be annoying and can make any customer decide not to do business with you.

The thing is that pesky spots on windows are hard to avoid after cleaning, especially if you are not cleaning the right way, or you don’t make use of the right cleaning materials. It even helps now that some professional cleaning agencies, like the window cleaning Melbourne, are springing up to help with window cleaning services.

In this article, we are going to emphasize on various ways to remove or totally avoid pesky spots on your window after cleaning. This is important to have a crystal-clear window devoid of streaks and after-cleaning dirt.

What causes pesky spots on a window after cleaning

You will agree that the main causes of annoying spots on windows after cleaning have a lot to do with the cleaning approaches, cleaners, and the type of cleaning materials you are using.

  • Cleaning approaches: If you keep it doing it the same old way, you will keep getting the same old answer. The cleaning method is as important as the window you are cleaning. For instance, when you are cleaning a window on a very hot sunny day, the solution of the cleaning material will evaporate quickly and will often leave a residue behind, and that is what forms the annoying spots you see on the window after some time.

    To avoid this, the trick is to use a soft cloth or clean towel (dried) to clean the window surface just after cleaning before the solution on the window surface evaporates. To be successful with this, you really have to take your time during cleaning to avoid messing up the window.

  • Cleaning materials: You can’t neglect the importance of using verified and confirmed cleaning materials as this actually determine whether you are going to be having those streaks on your window after cleaning or not. For instance, if you use a towel made of material that is not good moisture or dirt adsorbent, cleaning will become messy.

    Also, you should not use a towel that you have recently used to clean other surfaces, especially oily surfaces. This is because no matter how well you try to clean the towel, the dirt from the previous surface it cleaned will still find its way onto the window you are about to clean. And what other things can leave some annoying spots on your window if not by using a contaminated material for cleaning purposes?

How to remove pesky spots: Do the job and do it well

  • Use distilled water: Distilled water is water formed from condensed steams, and, unlike your ordinary tap water, does not contain dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. When you use the water from the tap, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water often form a layer of streaks on glasses after cleaning.

    Hence, for an effective job, you should always endeavor to use distilled water. You can always get inexpensive at any nearby local grocery store.

  • Use white vinegar: The white vinegar is also available at any local grocery store near you and can be used to replace chemical cleaning agents. Have you ever heard of green cleaning? Yes, cleaning with vinegar implies that you are going all-natural, and this will help eliminate the possibility of having pesky spots on your window.

    For effective action, mix the vinegar you got from a store with warm water. Put the solution in a bottle and spray over the window while you clean persistently.

  • Avoid using a paper towel for your cleaning purpose as much as possible: Do not use the towel you have used to wash your plates, car, or any other surface to clean your window, as this will always leave a messy window after cleaning.
  • Use soap minimally: Be economical with the use of soap, as using too much will endup leaving those annoying streaks on your window.


It can be ascertained that it is not about physical manpower, but rather about employing the right materials to clean your window. Employing the right materials goes a long way toward cleaning your windows effectively and avoid unnecessary pesky spots.

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