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Reasons to Invest in Good-Quality, Durable Sofa Coves to Protect Your Furniture

Are you someone completely obsessed with your sofa? Is your sofa the most used piece of furniture in your house? Do you spend most of your free time lying comfortably on your couch? If yes, you do know the importance of keeping your sofa clean. 

There is no going back once you begin to notice issues like dust accumulation and minor spots on your sofa. You will constantly think that your sofa is getting old and will soon need replacement.

Alternative options ahead of you 

 While changing the entire upholstery is always an option, it is unnecessarily expensive. On the contrary, sofa covers are easily available online and come with multiple customization benefits. Investing in one will be your best bet. 

The necessity of choosing the right material for your covers

Sofa covers are made from different fabrics depending upon wither it is being used indoors or outdoors.

  • The Cover Max fabric finds use in covers that are fit for outdoor use. Made from 1000 Denier, PVC coated polyester; you can expect the covers to carry medium weight and be highly durable, tearproof, and abrasion-resistant. These sofa covers will last you repeated usage for a very long time and come in six different color options. 
  • The Cover Fab fabric is suitable for indoor use in shaded and semi-shaded areas. Made from 600 Denier mélange, PBV backing polyester, these are lightweight and feel like fabric, and can gel well with your interior design. This material comes in two sophisticated color options and is also tear and abrasion-resistant.
  • Cover Tuff is the hardiest fabric available on the selection list. Made from 1000 Denier, PVC coated polyester; they feel heavy and much like vinyl. However, these covers are appropriate for outdoor use as they are heavy-duty and completely tear and abrasion-resistant. You get to pick from 5 different color options, one that appeals to you the most.

Each and every fabric comes with a warranty that extends over years. The Cover Max and cover Tuff comes with three years warranty on manufacturing defects and other major issues. The Cover Tuff comes with two additional years of warranty over the regular three, taking the total up to five years. Your satisfaction as a customer will know no bounds.

Additional benefits you get from your covers

Apart from the benefits of strength and durability, you get to take advantage of several other useful features.

  • You get to customize your sofa covers according to your needs. The shape, size, and dimensions are all customizable.
  • You have the option of choosing from five styles of tie-downs apart from the regular drawstrings. 
  • In case you decide to add grommets, you get to customize the spacing between them based on your requirements.
  • You also can have personalized texts and logos printed on your covers and make them look a certain way.

Along with these, the most praiseworthy feature comes in the form of its affordability. Sofa covers will serve the purpose without emptying your pockets. for more information on discounts and applicable offers, contact chat support at your earliest convenience. 

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