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Durable Porcelain Tile Designs

Durable Porcelain Tile Design

Who doesn’t want to enhance the beauty of their home? Everyone does! Given below is a lit of amazing porcelain tile styles, prints and designs that you could go for, in order to beautify your place in the most appropriate manner.

1) Oak Tiles - These are the first in the countdown of porcelain tiles. It’s a floor tile with a realistic wood effect design that’s amazing for creating a natural look in the interior area. Wooden floors are not very famous however these porcelain tiles are amazing for creating a natural look in the interior area. The only problem with the wooden floors is that it’s not popular because it scratches easily and requires waxing and sanding too. It provides zero maintenance and a sturdy alternative.

2) Coast Stone Effect Tiles - This is another important tile that’s awesome for creating a natural look because of its realistic stone effect design that comes in a grey hue and is perfect for introducing a calming, soothing, spa-styled scheme into the bedroom, bathroom or lounge. This can be used both in floor and wall spaces.

3) Hexa Cube 3D Tiles - These are pattern tiles that have grown popular in the last few years. It’s desirable among many because of the geometric and cubic designs that are ideal for creating a focal point in the living room or the kitchen. It can be used very easily on the floors or walls with a fab statement floor or an eye-catching feature wall.

4) Vintage Wood Plank Tiles - The porcelain tiles are waterproof and frost proof and also perfect for the outdoors. Natural wood can easily be used to create these plank tiles and now people are turning more towards the wood effect tiles. This is because, they are easier to clean and don’t require much treatment and stay in a better condition for a long duration.

5) Elegante Marble Effect Tiles - Marble is one of the most desired styles used in workplaces and home. It’s a cost-effective alternative to the other tiles.

6) Bijou Hexagon Mosaic Tiles - If you blend two major icons like mosaic and hexagon, you’ll have a winning combination made from durable porcelain tiles. You can use them quickly to add style to your floor space or wall. In order to highlight the shape, you can also use contrasting anthracite grout.

7) Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles - This is one of the most intricate design trends because with these tiles you can easily walk around your home and see the real perfect vision of this reclaimed wooden surface that’s repurposed on wood that’s been salvaged from one place to another. Most often, the bits are painted and some are kept rough for the design. The mish-mash of textures and finishes is something that makes it desirable and characterful. You can bring any floor space to life with these amazing tiles.

To briefly describe, all these porcelain tiles options is definitely going to help you out with designing a better room for your living room. This is something that can easily help you redecorate your house in the best possible manner.

Happy Home Decor with porcelain tiles!

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