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How Much Do Driveway Grates (Drains) Cost?

Driveway Grates

Driveway or trench drains are great to handle huge quantities of liquid runoff. In simple words, driveway grates or trench drains are used when two areas meet and cause water to flow where it shouldn't. These drainage systems allow water to flow into the primary or secondary drainage system. The grates are made of precast, plastic, metal, or concrete. The visible grates come in decorative and standard types to match the look of the property. 

However, the installation process for trench drains could be complicated as it depends on the property's layout. For instance, if these drains are being installed in new construction, they will be set up before installing concrete or hardscaping. There are different kinds of driveway grates, and the cost may vary depending on the type selected and also on the quality of manufacturers. Some are good like E Industrial Engineering, while some way makes you lose you money to some bad output. Factors like size, width, and material of the drain affect the cost involved.

The Cost to Install a Trench Drain

There are different kinds of trench drains, and the cost may vary depending on the type selected. The cost will also fluctuate by whether the drain is installed in new construction or a retrofit for an older field. In addition to this, the material choices can also affect the cost of installation. Overall, trench drains can cost between $ 30 to $ 150 per linear foot. 

Cost of different types of Trench Drains :

  1. Driveway trench or Channel drain cost
    The cost of installing a driveway trench or channel drain goes from $ 400 to $ 2400. The cost varies according to the width of the channel and grate material which could be metal, plastic, fiberglass, or concrete. 
  2. Radius trench drains cost
    These curved complex drains are used in places where the runoff must be collected before meeting a driveway or curved sidewalk. Radius drains are also used at places where a curved slope is required for aesthetics. The average cost of a radius trench drain is $ 30 per foot to $ 150 per foot, depending on the material and size. 
  3. Chemical Trench Drain Cost
    If your property needs a drain that can withstand chemical runoff, you will need to invest in a good chemical trench drain. These drains are shaped like the radius trench drains but can also be installed in straight segments. The cost of installing a chemical trench drain could go up because of the high-durability materials and complex installation process used. However, these drains can cost between $40 per foot to $150 per foot. 
  4. Utility Trench Drain cost
    Utility trench drains are used on properties that require space for sewers, chemicals, gas, piping, and high-voltage lines. These drains can be made into any shape and size, and you can also choose among custom frames. The cost of installing utility trench drains start from $ 185 per installed foot and can go up to $ 510 per foot. 

Apart from the drainage type and material you choose, many factors can add up the cost to your drainage project. For example, sometimes, you have to add items and parts as per your needs and drainage location. Also, in certain cases, these items need to be custom-made to fit the requirements of the project.

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