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Drill Press Buying Guide 2020

Drill Press

If you have ever used a handle drill to make holes of accurate depth and width, you can know how difficult it is. If you want to finish your work effectively, you can use drill presses. When you rely on the handle drill, you might be unable to get the expected result.

Get accurate and consistent holes with the help of drill presses. Multiple models are available in the market; sometimes, it becomes hard to choose which one is best.

You can use the drill presses for removing bearings from metals and woody materials - see the drill press for woodworking. The drill presses perform a wide range of functions professionally. The availability of plenty of models has made the decision confusing. You can check the online guides at that will help you to find the best drill presses.

What is a drill press?

The drill press is a powerful tool used for drilling in different types of materials. There are two types of drilling presses available in the market that are benchtop variation and floor drill press. The benchtop can be placed on the workshop bench while the other can be used on the floor.

Why use a drill press?

The drill presses can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is featured to hold expandable chucks and bit different types of shanks. It is more conveniently used to cut large and small in diameter.

The output speed of the motor is variable from 580 – 3200 RPM. You can the desired speed of the motor according to your task. It comes with large, powerful motors and can drive a large diameter of torque. Set your specific depth, pick the drill, and then start your task. You can drill more precise and specific holes with the help of a drill press.

Advantages of drill press:

  • You can tackle the different tasks with the drill press as described above. Moreover, many innovative features such as adjustable height, bevelling table, variable depth stop, and many more. You can use it to drill the hole at variable angles and depth.
  • Use it for more quick work. Pre-set the elements for quick and simultaneous work. While if you are using handle tools, you can’t get the expected results.
  • Much professional use it for more efficient and time-saving. The lightweight and powerful motors are featured in their manufacturing. When you use it for drilling wider diameters, you can notice more advantages.

Attachments used with a drill press:

Thanks to its beautiful design and expandable chunks that make it more unique and fascinating. You can attach a much different attachment with a drill presser such as standard drill bits, Forstner bits, glass and tile bits, hole saw, spade bit, drum sander, plug cutter, circular cutters, and polishing wheels. All these attachments are perfectly fitted with the drill press and work effectively.

Whether you are a professional or want to buy a drill press for home, check the motor speed of the drill press. Compare different speeds and other essentials before purchasing it.

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