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Dreame D9 Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Dreame D9

The Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum is finally on the market. As people are getting way busier than ever, almost no one has time to clean their home by themselves. But according to the current situation, germs and viruses are spreading a lot, where cleaning your home is necessary. In this time where you can’t afford to provide yourself a time span to clean your home, the best solution is to get an automatic Dreame D9 robot vacuum for your home.

As the pandemic has hit the world, people from all over the world getting work from home, where balancing your work along with the home is getting quite difficult. The weekend is the only time you get a break from your work and office. After a week of heavy work, no one wants to get up from bed early and clean the whole house by themselves. But along with that, keeping your house clean and virus-free has become a priority nowadays. Consider yourself lucky as you can get a cleaning service at your fingertips. Dreame D9 is here to save you from all the horror.

The machine comes with a Japanese Nidec brushless motor. But unfortunately, these kinds of products come at a very high price. And the cheap ones do not get the job done right. But with Dreame D9, you don’t have to worry about a thing. It is quite affordable and it can get the job done correctly and perfectly. The battery time of the product is 150 minutes. And the dustbin capacity is 570 ml.


The design of Dreame D9 is minimalistic and filled with simplicity. It comes with a circular body with dimensions of 350*350*96.88 mm. It comes in white color and its weight is 3800g. There are three buttons on the Dreame D9, along with that there is a circular top button that acts as a pressure sensor for low hanging furniture. It also comes with a stylish charger that takes minimum space. In one word, one can say that Dreame D9 looks elegant with simplicity in it.

Motor Capacity

The Dreame D9 has a 3,000 Pa suction power which is quite extraordinary. There are four suction modes in it. While cleaning the carpet it automatically changes from normal to pressure boost mode. With high suction power, it automatically gets rid of the dirt from any surface.

Cleaning Performance

As the Dreame D9 comes with 270 ml of water cup, it cleans your floor just the way you want it. There are three different levels for the water flow based on different floorings like cement floor, wooden floor, and tile floor. It has the ability to clean 250 sq. meters on a single charge. It is also pet friendly, as it has a noise reduction mode for your furry friends.

Outstanding Features

The Dreame D9 has a 3.0 LDS laser system which is used for the SLAM smart algorithm. With this algorithm, it can create a home map, which helps it to recognize the room and where the obstructions are placed. There are 13 sensors including anti-collision, anti-fall, wall sensor, and a sensor that helps the Dreame D9 to clean the edges and corners of the house.

App Integration

You can also connect your robot vacuum with Alexa for the smart and tech-savvy experience. With the help of the app, you can schedule timing for the cleaning and specify the corner or the area which you want to clean better.

From the Dreame D9 review, it can be said if you are a working person and do not get a proper time to clean your house, you should get a Dreame D9 for your house. With the elegant and minimalist design, high suction power, outstanding battery life, low noise, amazing features, and an affordable price it is the best choice for your home.

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